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Don’t Miss Your Chance To Hear “Politrickin” By Fabulous Rapper Banquer



fabulous rapperBanquer is a fabulous rapper from Kuwait who prefers to remain anonymous. Instead of spitting about money, sex or girls, he raises awareness of social injustices through his new track, “Politrickin.Defying the norm and even his own culture, this creative artist is also brave enough to elevate his voice in protest.

Armed with clever wordplay, his flow allows you to relieve daily tension and stress. In the face of many atrocities around the Middle East wars, “Politrickin” becomes an absolutely perfect anthem to vent your angst. And all the more so, when Lady Justice is literally blind to act.

Undoubtedly, lyrics are so fitting to what societies are struggling with today. Stream Banquer’s “Politrickin” down here.

Alongside a unique narrative, he creates a first-hand good impression on the minds of listeners. Perhaps, it’s not necessary to know how politics work in order to stand up for peace. Beyond all this, what makes Banquer a fabulous rapper is his fearless attitude to speak the truth.

The thought-provoking effect of his verses, plus, the hooking rhythm will resonate with you on some level. In other words, “Politrickin” expands your consciousness and pulls you into the harsh reality. Curiously, his car became a recording studio where he ponders over existential issues.

Well, he has the guts to shake up the Hip-Hop world and inspire you to do the same!



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