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Drone Flesh Works His Magic On New EP ‘Other Worlds’



other worlds
Drone Flesh
 produced his new EP ‘Other Worlds’ spontaneously. With a work philosophy based on mix and match various electronic music styles, he unleashes the magic. Indeed, listening to it makes you aware each of the four tracks is a different world. That said, the Electro/Complextro signature sound prevails on this project, but he also features other elements that provide extra levels of euphoria. In our track-by-track review, I will give you more details. Simply, scroll down!

1 – Be Yourself The opening track, found the Zürich-based producer seeking a heavy bass tune with dope kick drums and intricate sounds effects in quick succession. But, in essence, he brings dark music to the dancefloor, while creating an atmosphere full of tension.

2 — Riding The Waves  Feel the force of the hard-edged electronic beats as he exacerbates the intensity and chaos. Beyond that, there’s also a touch of Dubstep in this composition, so just be careful or it will literally blow your speakers!

3 — Hey Continuing with the uplifting vibe, he builds a distorted industrial-like melody like never before. I would even compare those banging/glitch noises with a broken machine, but it’s incredibly catchy and irresistible. In short, it calls for listeners to bop their head over and over again.

4 — Other Worlds The video above will help you take a voyage through surprising sonic landscapes. You can expect more Electro beats in combination with noises that resemble motors, eerie atmospherics, more crunchy basses, and hard-hitting kicks. Of course, there are many more elements that form part of the sound design. Honestly, I am short of words because this song is the one that truly contains all the amalgam of tones that demonstrates the free spirit of Drone Flesh.

In conclusion, we have reviewed an original EP that despite being released in 2018, it sounds like it’s from the future. Some tracks could work in the club context, while some others in Sci-Fi series/movies. Magically, he transforms the established parameters when it comes to producing music, and creates something of his own. What I forgot to tell you from the beginning is that ‘Other Worlds’ is actually a gift because it was released as a FREE DOWNLOAD for everyone. Isn’t that great?



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