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DUANE Interview 2015



Duane Interview 2015
Find out about Electronic musician DUANE, a young man that creates punchy House music and has a strong love for the early 90s aesthetic. I was intrigued by his super cool songs and decided to make this interview because I believe creative artists like him deserve our attention. He joins the group of modern artists that are bringing back the classic sound of House music, and we’ll always support them!

1 – What was it like growin’ up in Detroit?

Being an artist in Detroit is a unique experience. it’s a large major city that everyone knows about but at the same time, the music scene is small because there aren’t many people here and not so many things going on so it’s not so cluttered it’s easier to get noticed so it’s a unique situation to be in.

2 – Who is your biggest influence?

I have a lot of influences. a whole rainbow spectrum of them but my biggest one without a doubt is Madonna. she’s like religion to me she’s someone who I really admire and I love to model my drive and work ethic after her. Very inspirational artist.

3 – What’s a day like, in the life of DUANE?

A day in my life is pretty much recording music, going online ( I’m on Facebook all the time) and at home a lot.  Lol, I’m a homebody and on occasional nights I’m outside at a bar or art gallery before my music in front of live audiences.

4 – How did you learn to sing and produce your own songs?

I’m pretty much self-taught when it comes to music and performance art I’ve been doing this for almost 5 years now ever since I got out of High School. I went to the Detroit High School of the Performing Arts. I was an art major but I would try to teach myself how to make music on Garageband during my digital photography class lol.

5 – What type of mood were you in when you recorded your latest single “You Got Style”?

I work at a retail store where I sell fashion jewelry – mostly to older suburban women so while I was working there one night I had an idea for the song “You Got Style.”

6 – What do you think about the current House music revival?

The nineties in general seem to be coming back in full force. it’s old enough to be retro now without being too out of style or out of date. From 90’s kids’ Memes to all the Nirvana t-shirts at Hot Topic it’s just “in” right now but I honestly do love the aesthetic of nineties House music it’s not a fad for me. I genuinely love it!

7 – Let’s talk about your debut album, CD-R LP… What can fans expect?

CD-R LP is going to be my first-ever full-length release. it’s going to be a cute little batch of Weird songs with a 90’s House dance Flavor to them.

8 – Have you ever worked with image consultants or fashion designers?

I do everything myself. all the music and the lyrics .and that goes for my clothing and image as well.

9 – Do you plan to do live performances after the release of the album?

I’m going to be doing lots of shows after my LP’s release that’s how most people in Detroit know me. As a unique live performance artist. I have some shows lined up in Detroit. I may be playing some California dates later next month but those are still being discussed. But for now, the best way to experience me is through my videos on Youtube.

10 – Are you open to a remix collaboration? How can DJs contact you?

They can reach me for a remix or anything at [email protected]



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