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EDM Artists HEVI LEVI & Ishay Avital Unveil An Intense Eye-Catching Clip



HEVI LEVI and Ishay Avital, two of the hottest EDM artists from Tel Aviv, Israel, provide you a unique experience with their epic single “Time.The eye-catching music video features an intense routine and captivating dance skills led by a young lady who portrays the message of this song flawlessly. You’ll simply love the way she uses her body to communicate anger, despair, and impatience.

Since the very beginning, there is a beautiful layer of guitar strings. You may therefore notice the acoustics fill you with comforting vibes, contrasting against the electronic groove. Besides, the sentimental vocal tone aligns the introspective and thoughtful lyrics while achieving a balance. Most importantly, it’s amazing to see how this Dance-Pop gem connects to the matters of the heart through emotions you can feel or remember by just watching the visuals above.

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Reaching nearly 10K streams on Spotify, these EDM artists truly deserve way more attention. Irrefutably, “Time” is crafted to be a memorable composition that hits you right in the feels. In all sincerity, this is my first occasion listening to their phenomenal work, and I am already eager to hear additional stuff as soon as possible.



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