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WATCH: SoftWave’s First Music Video Of 2021, “System Failure”



There’s nothing to dread about Mercury Retrograde anymore, however, SoftWave‘s first music video of 2021 will remind you of those days when electronic devices crashed without any reason. The song title “System Failure” fits perfectly like hand-in-glove with that challenging cosmic event. Fortunately, the second retrograde period of the year is finally over.

Thereby, you can enjoy uplifting Synthpop tracks again on your music gadgets regardless of getting a strange feeling that technology is malfunctioning. But to tell you the truth, “System Failure” was written as the comeback single of the Danish duo due to the impact of the digital surge, especially, during the ongoing pandemic. On a side note, SoftWave’s new composition is showing global power in major radio stations across Europe and Australia.

first music video

Lyrics capture the feelings of frustration, irritability, and anxiety after communication systems break down. Bearing this in mind, one of my favorite song lines ever is, “Restart and synchronize in harmony.” Not only it is relatable but also extremely catchy.

What’s more, I can’t take my eyes off the outstanding visuals. Catrine & Jerry themselves tap into an adventure where human beings are becoming slaves in a dystopian tech world. Indeed, there are some references to the 1984 Sci-Fi movie based upon George Orwell’s famous novel. So, watch it till the end!



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