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EDM vs Underground – Should We Choose?



EDM vs UndergroundEDM is the new standard naming for everything related to Dance Music. Americans have redefined the genre by adding “Electronic” before Dance Music. Indeed, the music genre has become increasingly hard, somewhere between rhythmic and trancy. EDM has become also a standard for festivals and other large events. Unlike, underground music, which has its own place in clubs and discotheques.

Music For The Masses 

In this sense, EDM is a mainstream music genre. EDM fans are a huge number of people who love festivals and big crowds. Beatport, Electric Zoo festivals and Tomoroworld are responsibles for the rise of EDM in the world!

Things were completely different in the Europe of the 90s, where the Eurodance music was the most important thing for the masses.

Over the years 2000, DJs have disappeared to evolve and get known as “Producers”, which literally changed the the rave culture.

The mainstream also implies a wide distribution. Electronic music and DJs are born in a closed environment, such as a club! Before the turn of the year 2000, the genre was getting a lot of attention from radio stations, and today the best way to promote this type of genre is via blogs and social media.

Ok guys let’s be honest, nobody composes music for yourself. For any artist, the reward is the broadcast to an audience, whether in a mix, a live session or via other means. Those who attack EDM is because of its success, potential and popularity. However, today EDM is a little overrated and there is no creativity in the music productions because most of the tunes have the same sound.

Veteran DJs Are Making EDM?
It is funny to see that today some veteran DJs such as Steve Angello, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren have participated in the path of the mainstream glory. However, Steve Angello felt the need to get it back to his roots and say stop to the EDM genre with a new label.  While, his compatriot Eric Prydz alternates his name to release underground music as Pryda.

However, there are some DJs who prefer to remain faithful to their values, to their musical roots and their artistic freedom, such as Carl Cox and Adam Beyer, who have never made a Pop Dance record in their lives, and they will never do it!

And believe it or not, underground music still sells music! Nevertheless, for this type of artists is more difficult to validate the system of revenues. But it is confirmed that they are making money with an alternative crowd!

Music Genres Rivalry  
With the democratization of the Internet, the border between mainstream and underground should not all exist. But it remains virtual … Just lend an ear in the aisles festivals, or take a few minutes to read comments on social networks.

We must realize that the dislike between the EDM fans and the underground lovers has never been so intense like in the past two years. Those who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to be immersed among several tens of thousands of people , are happy of the EDM movement.

On the other hand, underground fans think the EDM scene is full of mediocrity in the compositions, because their only goal is to become mainstream, and some guys can’t tolerate it.

In conclusion, I think both movements are complementary and not competitive. The environment benefits Underground music to get more exposure because sometimes people can’t make a difference between two styles of electronic music. Remember that they are not music experts, they are just people who will enjoy any tune that sounds good, simply as that!

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Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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