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Electro Wow Guest Mix: $ilv@



has been an artist who consistently goes against the grain with this music to create something exceptional and unique to the current EDM charts. Coming from a career that started to take off in the midst of dorm parties at college, $ilv@ certainly knows how to bring the party whether that is through DJ’ing or creating tracks.

Still reeling in the success from his last two releases ‘Al3xis’ and ‘$ynchroniz3’ he has been ramping up the pace and gaining the attention of people worldwide for his skills and aptitude to music. He has put together an exclusive guest mix for us here at Electrowow full of his favourite tunes.


1. Save The World (Cheyenne Giles Remix) (Clean Extended)
2. Loaded (SQWAD Remix) (Clean Extended)
3. Oldskool (Clean Extended)
4. Little Space (Clean Extended)
5. The Power (Clean Extended)
6. hot girl bummer (BPM Supreme Bootleg) (Dirty)
7. Boom Boom Boom vs The Trip (BPM Supreme Bootleg) (Clean)
8. Es Isso (Clean Extended)
9. Kaleido (BPM Supreme Party Starter) (Dirty)
10. Bad Guy (BPM Supreme Bootleg) (Clean)
11. I Love It (Saint Punk Remix) (Dirty Extended)
12. Step Up (Clean Extended)
13. Nothing To Do (Clean Extended)
14. Tear It (Dirty Extended)
15. Party Out (Clean Extended)
16. Hey Brother vs DAMN (BPM Supreme Bootleg) (Clean Extended)
17. El Mariachi (BPM Supreme Bootleg) (Dirty)
18. Zero Fs Given (BPM Supreme Bootleg) (Dirty)
19. Sandstorm (BPM Supreme Edit) (Clean)
20. Right Now Caliente (we Mashup) (Clean Extended)
21. Keep It Low (Clean Extended)
22. Speaker (Clean Extended)
23. Dancefloor (Dirty Extended)
24. Feeling Good (Clean Extended)
25. Free Your Body (Clean Extended)
26. Pump It Up (Jax Jones Midnight Snacks Remix) (Clean Extended)
27. Jump Up (BPM Supreme Party Starter) (Clean)
28. C’mon N’ Ride It (Henry Fong Bootleg) (Clean) (Extended)
29. Epic (Eauki Edit) (Clean Extended)



Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


Lose Yourself In Kuma Pop’s Electrifying Flamenco Fusion!



flamenco fusion

Kuma Pop has an incredible talent for combining the traditional rhythms, harmonies, and melodies of Flamenco with electronic elements. The resulting fusion on “Amanecer” is a truly original interpretation that is guaranteed to ignite your passion for dance.

Furthermore, the beats are so irresistible that it’s certain you won’t be able to resist moving your feet to the music.

What provides a counterbalance to the synthesizers and drum machines is the use of samples obtained from an old Andalucian vinyl record. In particular, the highlight of this eclectic mix is undoubtedly the intensely passionate Spanish vocals.

The raw, emotional delivery will transport you to another world and leave you breathless. Without question, the music video accompanying this excellent single can produce the same effect if you watch it.

flamenco fusion
Believe me when I say that the entire composition has completely captivated me, making it Kuma Pop’s best work to date. Interestingly enough, his previous release, “Por Dentro,” also features sound textures that are very similar and just as impressive.

Kuma Pop is a Spanish producer, teacher, and father who is professionally based between two countries – Spain and the USA.

Above all, he continues to demonstrate his extraordinary vision for the Flamenco fusion which defies boundaries, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the hypnotic groove.



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Minelli Drops Perfect Dance-Pop Hybrid With ‘Silver & Gold – Chapter II’



“And I’ll be right back to brighten up your days,”
is not just some lyric from one of the songs on Minelli’s newest album. It is a promise guaranteed to be kept as soon as you press play on ‘Silver & Gold – Chapter II. The album contains the perfect synergy of Pop, Dance, and EDM, sprinkled across 14 fresh and effervescent songs. So, get ready to jump and get high on music with Minelli’s newest release.

Silver & Gold | Chapter II represents Minelli’s vision and inspirations that she gained, traveling around the world to find the perfect pitch for her youngest newborn. The artist was not alone in this journey, as great names in production and songwriting such as Freedo (Chainsmokers, Rita Ora, Galantis, Ava Max), Jordan Shaw (Afrojack, Armin van Buuren) or Yoshi Breen (Tiesto, Karol G, Lost Frequencies) collaborated with her.

Minelli teased you with three songs that you already know, “Think About U,” “Could Be Something,” and “Deep Sea,” and now she is coming with 11 more: “Silver & Gold,” “Maracatu,” “Crazy,” “Tonight,” “Drinks on Mi,” “Stay Awake,” “Vitamin U,” “Routine,” “Memories,” “Don’t U Worry” and “Kill the Lights” and she is excited to know which one is your favourite.

Minelli is one of the most successful Eastern European singers and songwriters, having written many hits for famous artists, such as ‘UP’ and ‘Flashbacks’ for INNA, or ‘Addicted’ for Sickotoy. Her releases, ‘Rampampam’ and ‘Nothing Hurts’, have dominated the music charts globally, cumulating over 185 million streams and over 350 million views. ‘Rampampam’ even reached number #4 in the Global Shazam top and #1 in Global Dance Shazam for several weeks. In addition, ‘Deep Sea’, her song in collaboration with the famous DJ, R3HAB, landed on some of the most prominent Spotify and Apple Music playlists while receiving airplay throughout Europe.

Talking about ‘Silver & Gold – Chapter II, Minelli said: “It is here, and it is yours. From now on, this album is not just mine, but yours to play with, enjoy and share the best memories on it. May my songs be the soundtrack to your own movie, to your own most fabulous and fun adventures. I hope you enjoy the mix and match between Pop, Dance, and EDM that I have baked for you for almost two years. All the love.”



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You Won’t Believe MELON’s Unique Interpretation Of “Tom’s Diner”




Rejuvenate your ears with MELON’s uplifting party music thanks to his debut album, This Is MELON, Vol. 1 (Dance). To everybody’s surprise, he reworks many hits, but nothing surpasses his unique spin on “Tom’s Diner.

In fact, this brand-new electrifying version sounds as perfect as the original. It goes without saying that Suzanne Vega would be extremely impressed with MELON’s exceptional rendition, which aims to prompt euphoria in clubs.

Despite incorporating contemporary textures and stomping beats, there’s still a sense of nostalgia that transports you to another time.

Interestingly, his debut project is more than just a collection of vibrant tunes. Actually, the incognito DJ and producer hopes to inspire the next generation of virtuosos who are getting into the EDM scene.


On the other hand, he also commits to creating a substantial impact by providing opportunities for emerging talents through his collaborations via the Dance Fruits Music artist collective.

But not only that, the high energy and excitement of party music always create a fun atmosphere anywhere it’s played. Therefore, if you’re searching for infectious anthems, “Tom’s Diner” and the rest of the covers are sure to satisfy your craving.

Keep an eye on his social media channels for updates!



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