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Emerging Singer From Iceland, KÍTA Unveils ‘Postponed’ Album



There are many reasons to listen to KÍTA‘s debut album, ‘Postponed’. Since the start of her career, radio stations in Iceland have commended her music. For sure, you should pay proper attention to her great vocals because you’ll be deeply engaged with her singing technique throughout this entire record. She can effortlessly hit such high notes like the likes of Sia or Adele. Add to this, a female empowerment aura that surrounds her signature style.

If you’re a loyal reader of Electro Wow, you probably know I’m a sucker for upbeat melodies that make you bob your head. With this in mind, “Mississippi” is my favorite tune on this material. The bright streak doesn’t stop there. The sensuality and intrigue that oozes “Red Red Eyes”, reminds me of a James Bond theme song. Furthermore, I like the fact she shares her personal feelings with well-written lyrics accompanied by a modern Pop sound, which is 100% splendid. Don’t even think twice, stream in full ‘Postponed’ down here.



By Erick Ycaza

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