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Enjoy Every Second Of Cris MJ’s “Si No Es Contigo” Lyrics & Video



Paris, the city of love, sets the perfect stage for this new music video by Cris MJ. “Si No Es Contigo” has romantic lyrics in Spanish, but it’s still a non-stop dancefloor banger from start to finish.

“Si No Es Contigo” Lyrics Explained

Certainly, this new song by the Chilean rapper is filled with passionate lyrics that revolve around the exclusivity of love. The feelings expressed in the verses can be compared to when you’re completely captivated by your partner and only want to be by their side.

Cris MJ
His rhymes appreciate physical beauty, emotional connection, and those shared moments with that special someone. The romance and desire in every line are also evident!

“Si No Es Contigo” translates to “If It’s Not With You” in English, and in summary, it talks about seizing every moment with your boyfriend or girlfriend. A reminder to cherish those precious occasions with that person who stole your heart…

Celebrating Romance in Paris by the Eiffel Tower

Cris MJ knows there’s no better way to celebrate romance in the nighttime of the French capital, close to the Eiffel Tower. Undoubtedly, these are the best visuals he has released to promote his fast-rising career.

As a matter of fact, each scene in the new clip swiftly changes as the song progresses. Moreover, you can see a lot of versatility in the shots that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Si No Es Contigo music video Paris France
On another note, it’s worth mentioning that he recently offered a concert tour in Mexico and will soon expand his shows to other countries. A total of 10 cities were visited in this country, where surprisingly, most of his fans are concentrated.

So, it’s useful to keep an eye on his social media channels below to stay updated on dates and other details.



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