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Top Reggaeton Artists Caleb Calloway, Yandel & Ryan Castro Unite



Without a doubt, Caleb Calloway, Yandel, and Ryan Castro are top Reggaeton artists to follow in 2024. They have teamed up for a new banger titled “Guayeteo,and if you don’t dance to it, it’s because your feet have no rhythm.

Just the fact that all these Latin music titans are coming together, you can already imagine the potential this new track has as a summer anthem when you hear it.

top reggaeton artists

Caleb Calloway’s Upcoming Album, ‘Hayabusa’

First things first, it’s important to announce that Caleb Calloway will be dropping a new album soon. And as expected, the most talked-about single of the moment, “Guayeteo,” will be part of the other danceable tracks on ‘Hayabusa.’

No doubt, this stuff is gonna stand out with its fusion of modern and old-school Reggaeton sounds. Indeed, you won’t even need to translate those crazy Spanish rhymes ’cause they’ll automatically make your whole body move.

In other words, the rhythm is so irresistible that it’s damn near impossible for anyone to resist bustin’ a move. Obviously, this effect only happens when the top Reggaeton artists come together to satisfy our thirst for a good time.

Caleb Calloway Guayeteo

From Platinum Plaques to “Guayeteo”

“Guayeteo” is a term that was thrown around a lot in Puerto Rico back in the early 2000s, and it vibes with the beat. Plus, this spicy jam comes with a sizzling music video shot in sunny Miami, directed by the renowned Fernando Lugo.

For those who don’t know, Caleb Calloway’s been nabbing multi-platinum plaques for producing Rauw Alejandro‘s albums and hits for a bunch of other artists.

Of course, “Guayeteo,” represents his streak of fire, solidifying his status as one of the most influential producers in the urban genre. There’s a lot of dynamism in his songs, and the energy he puts into each composition is undeniable.



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