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Exclusive Interview: Kasi Opi Drops Epic Collaborative EP, ‘Collide’



Kasi Opi Interview

Kasi Opi‘s new collaborative EP, ‘Collide’ is a work of truly epic proportions. The Atlanta-based artist should be on your radar if you’re a fan of Electronica, Indie-Pop, and RnB. Get all the details and the big picture through this engaging interview.

1 — First of all, what were you doing during your hiatus?

A lot of it was spending time with my parents and getting some much-needed reconnection during the pandemic. I spent most of the day gardening and doing a lot of self-reflection.

2 — What made you return to the studio?

I was originally sitting on a collection of songs that I worked on over the past year that were sorta just sitting on my hard drive collecting dust. When I started working on “Home” with Rigo and Phiz, I was in a bit of a creative rut and that collaboration really opened the door for me creatively and inspired me to craft up a cohesive project.

3 — For your EP ‘Collide,’ you deliver epic collaborations with different artists. What are your goals for this material?

I’m a big fan of collaboration and it’s really impacted my art and how I interact with the world. My main goal with the EP was to create something diverse that felt different yet familiar. I think it’s also a message to a younger version of me to showcase the beauty of collaboration.

4 — What new sounds or styles are you exploring with this EP?

The more that I make music, the more I feel a calling to reconnect to the types of sounds and music that I learned choreography to in college…ranging from Hip-Hop to RnB and even ballads. At the time of working on the EP, I was also going to a ton of electronic shows and the goal with this project was to sorta bridge these two polar sounds.

5 — Which track seems to be the big favorite? Why?

It always surprises me because every response I hear is always different but a common favorite seems to be “F.O.M.O.” If I’d have to say why I think it’s because it’s the newest one I worked on which is a reassuring sign for me that I’m still growing as a producer.

6 — Did any funny anecdotes happen while you were recording?

Rigo and I have been collaborating for a while together and “Remind Me” actually only became a thing and was released because Rigo randomly reminded me of the song. It was an early collaboration we did that we both forgot about but it ended up working out.

7 — Do you give importance to music videos or remixes these days?

I think for me right now, the timing isn’t quite right. I think video content especially is important these days but I know that if I were to put video to my music, it would need to be meaningful.

8 — Do you write lyrics with specific people in mind?

All of the songs I write about always have specific people or relationships in mind. When I compose or write songs, I usually have this feeling that I can’t fully understand and I put that feeling into music. This is usually where a collaborator comes in and they start to fill in the blanks which I think is where the beauty of collaboration is really evident. It usually isn’t after the song is finished when I realize that “Oh yeah, that song is talking about ___” which is crazy to me.

9 — If you could collaborate with a famous singer or producer dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Definitely Kehlani. I can’t even count how many choreography pieces I’ve learned to her music, but she’s also really versatile as an artist. Her music is almost like electronic-infused RnB which is also an overall huge inspiration for my sound.

10 — Can you reveal what’s the status of your next project?

I’m currently working on an EP with Rigo! We’re still very much early in the process but I’m already super excited with the types of sounds we are exploring for this next chapter and can’t wait to show everyone.



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