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Exclusive Interview: Lockey 2K On Making His Rap Song “Canada Goose”



Lockey 2k interview

Lockey 2K is one of the key emerging faces in the indie Hip-Hop scene of Seattle, Washington. His Rap song “Canada Goose” has a feel-good vibe you won’t want to miss. Believe it not, the artist has been rapping on and off since he was 5 years old.  In this exclusive interview, he reveals that he uses music as a form of sharing his own stories you can feel identified with. Moreover, he lets himself be carried away not only by spontaneity but also by his emotions.

1 — Your most recent single “Canada Goose” sounds great. What was the main idea of this song when you created it?

I was just in a mood. I had bought a “Canada Goose” and was feeling it so much. Just went to the studio and did it.

2 — How do you think that the lyrics will resonate with listeners?

The whole song is just a flex. If you like flexin’ and feeling good about yourself this song will get you hyped up.

3 — As an artist, what do you look for in terms of rhythm or sound design?

I just go in with how I’m feeling at the moment. Some days I’m not feeling the best and I go in and Rap about that. I like something I can get some melodies going to, but I can do some hard stuff If I want as well. Depends on the day.

4 — On this occasion, which came first lyrics or melody?

I usually always do melody. It makes my process easier knowing how I will say it first. What I will say comes easy after that.

Lockey 2K - Canada Goose
5 — How did you experience your debut as an artist?

I haven’t sadly. I’m just starting out but hoping for the best. Practicing my rollouts and everything all around!

6 — How did the Hip-Hop culture shape you artistically?

I grew up listening to “real” Rap like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Tupac. I learned the basics of rapping from them. I think music has changed so much since then though.

7 — Is there something specific that you want to show with the songs you produce?

I want to tell my story. What I go through and what I’ve been through. Sometimes it’s what I dream about. Music is literally my outlet. I go in and think out loud

8 — Are you currently working on new songs or an album?

I have a lot in store right now. I’m really focusing on quality. I want to put out things worth listening to. I have some stuff coming with an artist from Toronto, Gunnr. His stuff is dope and I was happy to hop on some tracks. Just working on improving right now.

9 — What about music videos? Are you keen on releasing some visuals anytime soon?

I plan to shoot some videos soon for sure! I’m a creative person and it would be dope to put my ideas into visuals. I can’t wait. I’m excited about it!

10 — Finally, what’s the first thing you want to do when the pandemic is over

I can’t wait to do a show! That’s what I can’t wait for!



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