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Exclusive Premiere: Stray + The Wild – Show Me The Way



Proving the non-traditional side of Alt-Rock, Stray + The Wild turned their dark edgy style into a new song called “Show Me The Way.It is no exaggeration to say that their musical DNA incorporates elements from Radiohead, Lana Del Rey, and Danzig.

In order to bring this tune to life, the lead vocalist AlexVndria outstands with her intriguing vocals, while the sonic atmosphere is reinforced by excellent guitar work from Alan Dämien. On the other hand, the steady drums provide a solid foundation for the rhythm, completing the whole arrangement.

Furthermore, the lyrics highlight the importance of maintaining resilience when confronted with challenges. In essence, “Show Me The Way” represents nothing more than a quest for guidance and salvation, one way or another.

Stray + The Wild

Apart from making dope tracks, these talented artists are into animal rights and veganism. Using their art to make the world a better place is also part of their philosophy as a band.

“Show Me The Way” as a composition strikes a balance between the emotional and introspective. Similarly, with its sound and verses, it succeeds in connecting with you through a profound story.

Stray + The Wild will persist in delivering the finest from their rockish catalog. Meanwhile, you can check out more updates and interesting announcements via their social media platforms below.



By Erick Ycaza

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