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Fabio XB & Liuck feat. Christina Novelli – Back To You [Video]



One of the most prolific Trance artists, Fabio XB returns on Digital Society Recordings having teamed up with fellow producer, Liuck and vocal sensation, Christina Novelli for the impeccable – “Back To You”. The song provides perfect vocals with it’s beautiful acoustic piano melody in the breakdown followed by dry synth stabs which crescendo into a euphoric drop. Outstanding work from this three way collab! Watch the video below.

Pull me up, pull me down
Tide comes in and tide goes out, again
Win or lost, and I lose control
This current keeps pulling me back to you 

Pull me up and knock me down
No escape, going round and round, again
I overcame and I can’t say no
This current keeps pulling me back to you

So we dive in
Never coming up for air
We surviving
Never giving in to feel
I’ll wait forever
Truly want to
Searching for ourselves
No matter what I do
This current pulls me back
This current pulls me back to you

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