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Fast-Rising Rapper Quest LA Unveils Lyric Video For “Distance”



Quest LA’s newest single “Distance” is a feel-good jam encouraging Hip-Hop fans to embrace their best selves. It’s lyrically bold, musically catchy, and offers an uplifting vibe that matches his skillful wordplay.

The fast-rising rapper from the West Coast is destined to bring his own flavor into the game. Without discrediting the contribution of award-winning producer Kenny Bart through the sublime sound design.

Get delighted with Quest LA’s bombastic energy from the very beginning.

Indeed, he sounds as sharp as ever while delivering some crazy flows in his sassy tone.

Quest LA

Also, the lyric video takes you on a car ride across urban settings. Notably, the animated fonts are juxtaposed against engaging visuals that challenge you to rapidly fire those verses.

Of course, not everyone will know the right breathing technique to reproduce the color and speed of his splendid rhymes. In other words, what matters most is feeling motivated to do it.

Fusing a blend of traditional Hip-Hop with such a confident voice is putting him in a position to capitalize. Similarly, Quest LA will have you bumping in and out of your seat, just make sure to follow his socials below.



By Erick Ycaza

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