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Anyone Obsessed With Ballad Songs Should Listen To KLHH



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Under the name KLHH, pianist and songwriter Kevin Lin-Hsiang Huang composes emotionally complex ballad songs. Most of his gems are finely crafted to perfection, and his latest single “Embers” is no exception to that rule.

Certainly, the lyrics are deep and romantic, bringing a lot of emotions and urging listeners to sing their hearts out. Somehow, the verses describe a painful breakup caused by the absence of that special one amidst nostalgia and memories.

By the same token, “Embers” offers a touching narrative naturally relatable and specially dedicated to souls thirsty for love.

What’s more, the extraordinary orchestral soundscape will remind you of classic James Bond themes. If franchise producer Barbara Broccoli is looking for a complete musician, then she shouldn’t look further than KLHH.

This is the first time KLHH brings together two anonymous singers whose sublime vocal harmonies enhance the instrumental work. With dynamism as the main element, he’s channeling sensibility like never before.

Without question, “Embers” features the intensity ballad songs require. Not to mention, the big choruses and the cinematic symphony sound like a match made in heaven.

Just enjoy every part of it!



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