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Post-COVID Music With A Touch Of Pop-Punk: ‘Dead Summer’ EP




Dead Hendrix & Levi Zadoff will make you addicted to the Pop-Punk sound again. Through their five-track EP ‘Dead Summer, these artists use the pandemic as inspiration to turn feelings of loss into genuine songwriting and hard-edged melodies.

If you can’t find a way to let off some steam, I would highly recommend listening to such an awesome production immediately. For this purpose, keep your ears open and drift away with rebellious and straightforward lyrics that are totally relatable.

Beyond that, passionate vocals tell intimate moments about personal experiences and challenging situations to deal with. Musically speaking, they can highlight pain and frustration by exerting a strong conviction.

Of course, everything is accompanied by intense emotions and explosive energy. Hit the play button below.

What’s more, the ‘Dead Summer’ EP serves as a reflection on our suffering at the hands of COVID. In fact, both talents showcase true storytelling, which translates into more authenticity.

Whether or not you’re in an introspective mood, you’ll love tracks like “Alone” or “Can’t Be God.” Plus, the use of irony reaches its maximum splendor with the opening tune “Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better.”

Likewise, there’s also an experimental approach behind the whole concept of this brilliant material. At the end of the day, the ‘Dead Summer’ EP is a testament to the success that lies ahead for them.


Dead Hendrix 

Levi Zadoff

By Erick Ycaza

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