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Feel The Positive Vibes With Amadante’s Song, “Ecstatic Highs”



Positive Vibes Music
Hold onto your hats, I’ve got some good news! Amadante is back in action with his new Electro-Pop masterpiece titled “Ecstatic Highs. Trust me, this is the type of music you’ll put on repeat because it has the incredible power to create positive vibes.

Curious about the song’s theme? Well, it’s a celebration of life’s most exhilarating moments. Additionally, “Ecstatic Highs” encapsulates that feeling you get when you’re completely in the zone.

Certainly, lyrics describe that electric rush you experience when you’re living fully in the present and soaking up every drop of joy and euphoria. Also, I really like how he takes up the concepts of breathing and frequencies, kind of inviting you to enjoy Nirvana in the here and now.

Likewise, he’s thrown in a mix of synths, matching the song’s mood flawlessly. And that’s not all, he’s also added cosmic melodies and ambient noises for your listening pleasure.

It’s a musical teleportation to a place where the positive vibes are strongly felt and the worries are left behind. In other words, an antidote for anyone in need of a sudden emotional lift.

On a side note, everything has been meticulously crafted on Amadante’s trusty piano in its first stage. Subsequently, he took the reins of his digital audio workstation (DAW) and started weaving his magic, adding layers upon layers of electronic instrumentals that turn this track into a complete sonic dive.



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