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FEMI.X Will Surprise More Than One With Her Erotic House Music!



3220º Fahrenheit Music/Disc Immortal Presents FEMI.X
3220º Fahrenheit Music/Diac Immortal Presents FEMI.X

FEMI.X will release the electronic dance single “BANGMEE” on January 1st, 2017.  A fresh tune which offers a unique and exciting twist of chants over an aggressive electronic dance track.

FEMI.X is a Latin erotic poet whose music is authentic and all-original. This single, from the yet untitled EP she collaborates with Ben Rebel of “This is Rebel Music” to deliver an array of different yet aggressive series of electronic music.

FEMI.X’s music is being coined as “erotic rough House”, and according to the artist, she’s not truly a singer. “I just talk the talk and sound sexy,” laughs FEMI.X.

Although her music is aggressive, it’s also fun to dance to. The new album is being released in conjunction with 3220o Fahrenheit Music and Diac Immortal.

3220 Fahrenheit Music is the label behind on-the-rise recording artists, such as FEMI.X.



By Erick Ycaza

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