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Fernando Lagreca’s ‘A Thousand Years’ EP Takes Listeners On A Musical Journey



a thousand years
Close your eyes and use headphones in order to listen to Fernando Lagreca‘s 4-track EP ‘A Thousand Years’. To put it another way, this will allow you to experience sounds from outer space magically produced by the Spanish artist. Consequently, listeners will feel they are taking a musical journey through shades of Electronica. Even, there’s a brand-new video for the EP self-titled track, which is set in the cosmos. Watch how the Earth rotates around its own axis, while satellites and a cartoon character inside a spaceship form part of the scenes. Clearly, the futuristic melody is a perfect match for the visuals.

Returning to the subject of this review, you’ll notice distinctive analogue sounds, arpeggios and a wide range of audio effects. As a result, Lagreca demonstrates how interesting his music can truly be. Overall, he paid attention to the smallest details during the recording process. This is particularly the case of “World”, where its dreamy and chillwave vibe turns into an intense transition. On the other hand, my favorite tune is called “Someone”. This one sounds more like an optimistic Electro Pop tune due to the catchy vocals. Finally, with “Asking You” the producer completes the release. Spacey sounds remain intact but he adds a bit of acid bass to enrich the aural journey. Listen in full below!



By Erick Ycaza

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