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Freddy Angel Interview 2016



Freddy Angel Interview 2016
Freddy Angel
is an independent electronic music producer/vocalist, as well as a multimedia fashion blogger. Somehow, I feel identified with him because we do similar activities and we love that! However, he has many more interesting things to share with the world. Read the full interview below and discover his musical path now! 

1 – What genres of electronic music do you produce?

I’ve always produced drum ‘n’ bass, big beat/breakbeats, electro, and trance. However, I am currently working on a new EP titled “Transitions”, where I will step into the genres of minimal techno and house for the first time. I always explore different genres and learn new techniques to apply in my tracks.

2 – How and why did you get into the world of electronic music?

I was introduced to electronic music back in 2004 with the underground scene, that’s when I first heard the fast paced rhythm and beats of big beat and drum ‘n’ bass music. Back in those days I would frequent “Infrastructure” at Lounge 16 (currently known as Do Not Sit On The Furniture) every Thursday night supporting and listening to DJ Danny Bled spin, that’s when I realized I needed to contribute my own sound to the scene and started to produce electronic dance music.

3 – We know you’re also a Fashion Blogger. What are your favorite fashion brands? What interesting info can we find on your site?

Some of my favorite fashion brands and designers are Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Dior, Versace, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Betsey Johnson. The more daring and risky fashion trends are appealing to me. Viewers can catch all of my celebrity interviews, blog articles, and coverage from Miami Fashion Week at

4 – What are the pros and the cons of being an independent artist? Would you like to join a big label?

Some pros about being an independent artist are that I am free to venture any creative direction, and I also love working at my own pace. Some of the cons are that there’s so much competition out there, and it’s quite difficult to produce, promote, and successfully market yourself all on your own. I would definitely like to join a big label sometime in the future, but with that being said, I want listeners to understand that I am creatively guided more by my own taste in music than what is currently played on radio.

5 – What’s the name of your most recent track? Please describe it in three words.

“Don’t Jump” is my most recent released track, and if I have to describe it in three different words it would be dark, vibrant, and melodic.

6 – What are your favorite clubs and festivals in Miami?

I like underground clubs like Trade in Miami Beach because they provide more of an intimate vibe for me, but when I really want to go out and party I always end up at Space. When it comes to festivals in Miami, Ultra Music Festival is definitely the best for electronic music enthusiasts (also all around the globe).

7 – Do you find it difficult working with other producers and DJs? Do you like collaborations?

I haven’t worked or collaborated with anyone yet, but I am open to collaborate on a future release. I am an artist that is open to learning new techniques, and I really believe most artists can actually learn a lot by collaborating with other artists as well.

8 – What equipment, software and toys do you use?

I used FL Studio when I first started producing beats, and since then I have used many other different studio apps such as Garageband, Logic, Reason, and Sound Trap Studio. I am currently using Sound Trap a lot because of the convenience of being able to use it anywhere as long as there’s an Internet connection, and also because it doesn’t occupy any internal storage on devices.

9  What’s the hardest part of being a music producer?

The hardest part about being a music producer for me is probably the timing. For example, I find myself working on many tracks at the same time to complete a project, and what happens is that I end up focusing on another track more than another because I get deep in the zone.

10 – What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of getting into producing?

Take your time when producing, find your own sound, and always explore different genres to expand your technique. Don’t be afraid to produce a different sound, there’s so many artists already making the same music.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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