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Fresh New Tracks: Riotville Records — ADE Compilation 2023



Riotville Records
ADE is just around the corner, and in relation to that, Snavs and his label Riotville Records have gathered some of the most interesting DJ/Producers Denmark has to offer, with the purpose of creating a compilation that really showcases what the Danish EDM scene is all about.

7 household Riotville artists are featured on this compilation, who all arguably are some of the most skillful talent coming out of Denmark, all contributing with a collection of furious live bangers.

More Plastic opens with the aggressive and fast-paced Drum & Bass banger “Abnormal,” followed by Vosai’s take on the same genre with “See You Better,” combining melancholic breaks and intense roller drops, with his signature sound.

DØ CHEF DØ brings more commercial appeal with the awesome and smooth Tech/Bass House banger “Master Yoda” and Foramic + Willone following up with another unique tune, showcasing something completely new from these guys, with the truly special super energetic and melancholic “Levitate.”

Continuing in the Bass House genre with Thykier’s “Feel You,” heavy inspiration from the UK Garage scene with its percussive lead sounds, deep wide basses, and hard-hitting drums. Thykier really has a unique sound going.

This Riotville ADE Compilation gets rounded off by label-boss Snavs, exploring new soundscape with “Stars” playfully leaning into a more lo-fi, dusty, and analog vibe. Showcasing a new direction from Snavs.

This will be the second year in a row we are releasing an ADE compilation like this, so it looks like we have a tradition in the making.

The compilation itself is a testimony to the sheer talent these guys have, which is why a lot of different genres and styles are being put in play. The guys have collaborated back and forth and thereby created a compilation with great diversification, which highlights the individual artists’ skills, strengths, and styles, both individually and combined.

The idea is to create international awareness around these Danish lads and show what they can contribute to the international EDM scene, are there any better places to do so than ADE? We think not.

The project itself has also received great domestic support, with funding from three greatly recognized music institutions in Denmark, DPA (Danish Producer Association, KODA, and MXD (Musix Export Denmark).

To wrap it all up, Riotville will be hosting an event in collaboration with ADE on the 20th of October at Kopstootbar, Amsterdam where all artists will do a set.



By Erick Ycaza

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