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Galera Drops A New EP Inspired By The Jungle-City Of ‘Havana’



Galera Drops A New EP Inspired By The Jungle-City Of 'Havana'
Spanish Producer Galera is making a name for himself in the underground world of music. Interestingly, I like the concept of his most recent EP entitled ‘Havana’, released this month via BeautifulAccident. Without hesitation, the unique scenario of this Caribbean location stir up emotions on artists who seek a new source of creativity. As a result, the three-track EP is pure Electronica that will make you dive into an exotic atmosphere. Of course, listeners can expect a mixture of tribal percussion, synths and a variety of sound effects. All this elements are well complemented and your ears will thank you. Perhaps, the last track called “Chez Montull” is the special one from this material, as it serves as a tribute to the homeland where Galera was born. An intimate and personal project that is worth exploring in case you enjoy the electronic genre. Stream in full right here.




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