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GasBeatz Newest Release Setting The Internet On Fire! 🔥



newest track “Gas Chamber” is quickly gaining steam online, lighting up the blogosphere. High energy with dirty bass to make you want to rock to the beat and lose yourself in the music! I was able to catch up with Gasbeatz for a quick Q&A interview, check out our conversation below.

1 — When did you know you wanted to become a music producer/DJ? 

Once my Christian metal band broke apart, my heart still belonged to music and I was soul searching for quite some time. I picked up DJing so fast it was like second nature to me. The second I touched Ableton I knew right then and there I wanted to become a music producer. I had never felt so at home or had such a strong sense of wanting something so badly. I had finally found my true passion, and have devoted my life to it spending on average 9 plus hours a day in the studio and I couldn’t be happier.

2 — Where do you see yourself as a DJ/Producer in the next 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself thriving to do my absolute best exceeding my expectations and goals!! It’s nothing but discipline hard work and focus coming from this hungry upcoming and aspiring DJ/Music Producer.

GasBeatz DJ
3 — Who are some of the producers and DJs you admire?

Honestly, the list can go on and on with all the amazing talent we have in this industry, but my top 3 influences would have to be 1st Skrillex being number one given the fact that he pretty much put dubstep on the map! 2nd would have to be Bassnectar. His unique style and hard hitting bass lines are absolutely out of this world, not to mention, he has the best visual graphics designs in the industry, in my opinion. 3rd Excision makes number 3 for me. The Godfather of wubs and heavy bangers he has set the tone for new age Dubstep.



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