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“I’m A Big Fan Of All XXXTENTACION’s Songs…” — Gaullin Interview



The originality of Lithuanian DJ & Producer, Gaullin is what differs him from the rest. In this short interview, he declares himself a big fan of XXXTENTACION ✞. That said, he reinvents the original version of “Moonlight” by adding his electronic music style, plus his signature dark touch. Learn more below.

1 — Hey there, how have you been lately?

Hey, good, working on some new music at the moment.

2 — Were you always interested in electronic dance music?

Pretty much yes, since I was 12 years old.

3 — What makes Gaullin different from the rest of the mainstream Music Producers?

I think the fact that I always trying to make something new, I like to change my style a little bit.

4 — How would you describe the EDM scene in Lithuania?

Now – it’s really good because a lot of young people started to produce music, it’s a good sign that people are interested in music, how it’s made and how hard it is, and they’re starting to do it by themselves.

5 — What was the most difficult thing about making your new single “Moonlight”?

To combine my style with XXXTENTACION’s style.

6 — Who’s the artist behind those sexy vocals? How did you approach her to collaborate with you?

It’s really a man, ? but I pitched the vocals. I just found his cover of XXXTENTACION’s song Moonlight on the internet and that’s all.

7 — Are you truly a fan of the original version of “Moonlight” performed by XXXTENTACION? What made you want to remake it?

I’m a big fan of all XXXTENTACION’s songs, I love how he was able to have a lot of styles. What made me to want to remake it? It happened accidentally. I was searching for some vocals and I saw that cover and I gave it a shot. Why accidentally? Because I never thought that I can combine my style with his style.

gaullin interview
8 — What type of listeners do you think will love this single?

I think people who like dark Deep/Future House styles.

9 — On a different note, have you performed at big music festivals? Are you planning live shows for the next months?

Not yet, and at the moment there are no plans for performing.

10 — Finally, is there anything exciting you would like to share with our readers?

Right now I’m working on my style, I’m trying to find something new that can fit it and I hope soon people will be able to hear it!



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