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Interview | Questions & Answers With SPiN



I had the great pleasure of interviewing SPiN, an authentic American band! My questions were focused on their “What’s It Gonna Take” music video because it’s literally brilliant. On a side note, it has already surpassed more than 20k views to date. Not to mention, it looks insanely fun. Discover more right here.

1 — Why do you think Rock and Pop music elements work well together on your new single “What’s It Gonna Take”?

We’re not sure if they do or not really. We’re just trying to write good songs and sounds that we like at the time. Then we put it out there and hope some other people will dig it too!

2 — Definitely, everybody will like its positive vibes. Is there any strong message within the lyrics?

Not originally – it started as a simple “boy chases girl” type of thing. But as the music video developed, I think the message kinda became letting your “you” shine through. We wanted to show beautiful people of all types who were captivating and interesting and really try to embrace the unique in everyone.

3 — What locations in Philadelphia were featured in the music video?

Penns landing, Shak’s Deli in South Philly, FDR Park (aka the lakes). Washington Square Park, and some other streets around town.

4 — Do you have any funny anecdotes that happened on set?

Actually, lots of funny shit happened that day. I wish we would have recorded it all! It would have been better than the actual video. It was like 106 degrees, people were hot, sweaty and tired, one projectile-vomited, it was a blast all around!

spin band
5 — When do you hope to release more fun videos?

More videos very soon. Fun videos – a little later. We’re in pre-production on the follow up single and title track “Make Me Move” right now and we already have a third music video shot for a little bit down the road.

6 — On a different note, whose idea was it to name the band SPiN? Please tell us more about its origin.

We started as a cover band doing shows 4-5 nights a week and making decent money. Then we all simultaneously lost our f**kin minds and decided to ditch the money to focus on our original music career. That band was called spin the bottle. We dropped “the bottle”, picked up a bottle, and never looked back.

7 — Do you still write tracks for TV series and movies? Which was your latest project?

Yes, we do all the time. Some work out and some don’t – but it’s a lot of fun writing either way and it sparks a whole lot of creativity. We actually originally wrote one of the tracks from this album for a TV series, but it ended up being cool enough to make the album instead.

8 — As a band, what do you consider as the best moment in your career?

I don’t think we have a “best moment” yet. There are certainly some highlights: Playing SXSW, touring the country with amazing bands, sometimes in super cool historic venues, hearing our songs on hit TV shows, and of course – this interview right now!

9 — Are you planning a tour in America anytime soon?

Not right now – but you never know. Sometimes they can come up spur of the moment and we just role with it. Our focus right now is to finish a few more music video for this album, while we’re writing new music for our next EP.

10 — Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers about your music?

Yes. Please go buy it so we can make some more. 😉



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