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Get Your Party Started With Erick Diaz’s Banger, “We Goin’ Down”



Erick Diaz
“We Goin’ Down”
showcases Erick Diaz‘s prowess in the Bass House genre, delivering irresistible beats that are sure to keep your party going all night. Powerful basslines, energetic rhythms, and dynamism create the proper atmosphere for any type of celebration.

Inspired by long summer nights, Erick Diaz translates his feelings  into deep and dark sonic textures through “We Goin’ Down.” Besides that, the production quality is nothing short of exceptional, and polished by Distinct Mastering, a renowned name in the industry.

No doubt, such an upbeat and danceable track can totally pump up the party vibes. So, whether you’re trying to get everyone grooving at a club, bar, or just at your place, “We Goin’ Down” is a solid choice to get the good times rolling.

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On a side note, DJs in the underground scene have already recognized the undeniable appeal of “We Goin’ Down.”

From repetitive patterns to minimalistic structures, you can tell this is a banger that allows listeners to get lost in the complex melodies and focus on the evolving flow.

Indeed, having no intricate lyrics is much preferable to the formula used in mainstream songs. It lets you form a personal connection with the overall sound on your own terms, transcending language barriers.



By Erick Ycaza

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