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Goofer Discusses The Making Of His Single “Into The Void” — Interview



Into The Void
Come and discover the universe of Goofer and his latest effort “Into The Void.No doubt, this brilliant instrumental Electro House piece is designed to push listeners into a trance-like state. With unique vibes, the Italian producer follows his own instincts when it comes to making a new track. Learn more about his electronic music and much more in this exclusive interview.

1 – When did you decide to become a music producer?

That was a long time ago, even before college. I used to be a good piano player (I’m not anymore), but something was missing. As much as I enjoyed playing music written by my favourite artists, I always had the itch to write my own. I wanted to impact people with my music just as much as I was impacted by those artists I loved. So one day, a friend introduced me to a guy who used to produce on Cubase and had a Kurzweil PC88. That’s when I started to learn about Midi and VSTs, and never stopped ever since.

2 – How do you work? Do you have a plan for new releases, or do you just let it all happen?

Every time I make a plan for releasing music I never stick to it. So let’s just say I let it happen. When I get super inspired I fire up Ableton Live, then I start goofing around with notes, sounds, and drums, until I come up with something I think is cool enough, or until I realize it sucks enough.

3 – Why did you title your new single “Into The Void”?

I don’t really think too much about names for my tracks. When It’s time to release a track I just look at the screen where it says “enter track name” and I type in the first thing that comes to mind *while* listening to it. In this case, the glitchy breaks and this particular sound palette gave me the feeling I was constantly getting in and out of some other dimension. It’s lame but I think it worked just fine.

4 – So what’s new and different about this single?

I think the glitchy touches in the drum breaks are quite refreshing, especially for an Electro House track. Also, I think the switch from minor to major in the breakdown works well to give the listener a “break” from that dark vibe. That was the plan at least.

Goofer - Into The Void
5 – How would you define your signature sound?

Honestly, I have no idea. I’ve asked myself the same question tons of times and I never had a clue. My friends say I do have a “style”, that is similar in every track I make, in terms of melody and how my drums sound like (and I hope it’s a good style). The truth is, I really strive to avoid repeating myself, also because I’m never fully satisfied with whatever I release. So I guess I’m still looking for my signature sound. Maybe one day, who knows…

6 – What local gigs are you doing in the near future when the pandemic is finally over?

Pandemic is not over in Italy yet. At the moment my plan is to release more music until I can finally go out there and play it.

7 – How has the pandemic affected your creativity?

I’m a massive nerd and I enjoy sitting in my studio messing with synths, designing weird things, or even playing video games with friends. Sure, sometimes I get bored and I still go out for walks, visit relatives and close friends, but weirdly enough, I had more releases in 2020 than in any other year.

8 – As a software engineer and designer, have you tried to blend your knowledge into music?

I wasn’t supposed to say this, but I’ve been working on a custom software synth/sampler for some time now. I’m planning to release it for free in the next year or so.

9 – What’s your favorite video game soundtrack ever?

My favourite videogame soundtrack ever is the Assassin’s Creed Revelations main theme by Lorne Balfe. It’s a beautiful piece of music.

10 – Are you currently working on new music?

Yes, and I have another single scheduled for release in June. So hang tight 🙂



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