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Guidelines To Follow When Buying A Bridal Lehenga



The traditional Lehenga is an elegant piece that every Indian bride plans to wear to her wedding. Most of them have a picture in their minds of how they would love it to look like. Fortunately, Indian ethnic fashion is better than how it was years ago. There are new trends and fashions due to incorporating modern wear. Hence it has influenced how their traditional clothes can look glamorous and still maintain their ethnicity. Thus with the many Lehenga designs in the market of various styles and embellishments. It is important to take your time to research before choosing the bridal Lehenga for your big day. Here are some guidelines that you can follow to get that magnificent Lehenga that will stand out on your wedding day.

Do a thorough research

As you get started to research through different wedding outfits. You must include your bridal Lehenga on the list. As much as you could know what you are looking for and how to get it. It is important to check through other online ethnic wears in India sites. This will help you to see what to add or remove. Today, with the diverse fashion choices, colors, designs and styles. It is not a surprise if you get a change of heart from the many available choices. Keep an open mind and at the same time embrace new trends for the modern bride.

Know your body type

Do you know your body type? Analyzing your body type is an important part to help you in dressing properly. Also, it helps you shop especially for your bridal Lehenga with ease. This is so for a pear-shaped bride will have a fashion malfunction if she dresses in a Lehenga fit for a rectangular-shaped body. Fortunately, there is an elegant bridal Lehenga for every bride regardless of their body shape. Embrace your body shape and have your Lehenga look the right fit for you on your big day.

Consider the style

Today, especially in Indian fashion before you zero in on a style for your bridal Lehenga. Decide the style that makes you stand out. There are many styles to choose for the Lehenga. Such as Fish-cut, ruffles, A-line all these are styled for a Lehenga. Hence, talk to your designer to advise one that will bring out your curves perfectly. Although the style is important for the bridal Lehenga, choose comfort first to the style you want. Well, depending on the silhouette you choose make sure it is picture-perfect as well.

Decide on the budget

According to the bridal Lehenga that you want, it may go over the top or within your budget. Since the costs favor the bridal lehengas depending on fabric, embellishments, color, and style. It is important to work through your budget and know what cost of bridal Lehenga you are aiming for. As much as you are choosing affordability it does not mean buying a shabby bridal Lehenga. As you shop with a budget in mind it will also get easier to try before buying. This will avoid unnecessary confusion and prevent you from indulging in any impulsive buying. Trying it will help you know if it’s the right colors for you and whether it fits your personality.

Check the dupatta and blouse

The Lehenga is not complete without the dupatta and blouse. These two garbs make or break your bridal Lehenga look. Therefore, you should check your bridal Lehenga ensemble if the blouse is the right fit and if the dupatta has the details you love. The reason the blouse and dupatta leave a big impact on your wedding is that they are what is seen in most pictures. Hence pay attention to every detail from the color, embellishments and how they both look in the back. All in all, the fit, length, and comfort are best considered instead of following a trend blindly.

By Erick Ycaza

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