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20 Most Requested Wedding DJ Songs Of 2019



wedding dj songs
All year the team of Buffalo wedding DJ professionals has been taking stock of the most in-demand wedding songs of 2019. Naturally, they hear some of the same requests year after year for certain timeless classics, so in this Pop music list, you’ll find fresh new releases as well as old favorites that are filling the halls of venues everywhere.

1. Old Town Road Remix

This Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus song will get you in the groove to dance with your partner throughout the night.

2. Señorita

Shawn Mendes, the living legend, mixes this song with Camila Cabello to create a charm at weddings.

3. The Git Up

This remix of Blanco Brown’s legendary song may play in loop mode once you hear it. The lyrics are unforgettable.

4. Beautiful People

Ed Sheeran is back with another romantic number, and this time partners with Khalid for one of the perfect wedding songs.

5. From Out Of Nowhere

Jeff Lynne’s ELO is the latest DJ hit that brings everyone to the dance floor with its pumping beats.

6. One Thing Right

Marshmello and Kane Brown come together in this song to create magic among couples waiting to dance on their wedding night.

7. Lover

Taylor Swift is back with another romantic song that made it to the top of the most requested wedding DJ song of 2019.

8. Only Human

This Jonas Brothers song is literally playing in every club. So, consider it on your wedding day too.

9. Perfect

Another Ed Sheeran song that you simply can’t miss. Apart from the solo version, you can also select the cover version with Beyonce.

10. Knockin’ Boots

Luke Bryan’s voice is magic. That’s why even the remix version of this song sounds so magical at weddings.

11. I Don’t Care

Another Ed Sheeran song that will make your evening perfect. This time you also get Justin Bieber’s silky voice to dance along.

12. Prayed For You

This Matt Stell song is one of the most romantic songs of the decade. So, it’s a must-have on your wedding DJ song playlist.

13. Man Band

Old Dominion plays with words in this song, crafting a masterpiece for couples to dance to on their wedding night.

14. Memorized

If there is one song that will transfix you, it’s Memorized by Blake Stadnik. The song works like a magic charm.

15. Something Just Like This

When Coldplay and The Chainsmokers combine, something good is bound to happen. This song topped the charts for weeks.

16. Can’t Help Falling in Love

Elvis Presley, with his baritone voice, still keeps couples going on their wedding night. This is one of those songs that make you understand why you love each other so much.

17. If I Can’t Have You

Another Shawn Mendes song that you should have on your wedding DJ song playlist. His voice has that X-factor to make songs sound more romantic.

18. Hello

Like Elvis Presley, Lionel Richie is another timeless singer, and Hello is a must-have song on your wedding DJ song list. Honestly, this is a song for the ages.

19. You Are The Reason

Calum Scott rose to popularity with this song, and you will understand why it topped the charts for weeks. An unmissable song that will bring happy tears!

20. Invisible Ink

This is probably one of the most underrated romantic songs ever. Mandy Moore almost whispers this song in your ears, and the lyrics are incredible. This became one of the most requested songs of 2019 but soon faded away because of other songs making it to the top. You may even want to listen to this song for hours with your headphones.


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Anoush’s Debut Album ‘ONE’: A Celebration Of Musical Freedom



Anoush debut album
Prepare to experience a daring musical adventure as Anoush, the independent artist, unveils her debut album, ‘ONE. With a captivating fusion of genres including Pop, Unpop, Piano Ballads, and Experimental blends, ‘ONE’ promises to challenge convention and immerse listeners in a world of sonic exploration.

Anoush is a wife, mother, classically trained pianist, composer, lyricist, recording artist, and producer who has extensively traveled the world and gained a wide variety of life experiences. In ‘ONE,’ she eloquently touches on themes of societal and personal challenges while evoking emotions tied to love, faith, and transformation. Her music resonates as an introspective voyage, touching the hearts of those who are open to receiving its profound message.

Anoush’s artistic prowess has already been proven with the release of the hit single “Cherry On Top” earlier in 2023. With this track and other recent releases, she showcased her ability to craft an infectious Pop song that resonates widely and earned her over 100K unique listeners on Spotify within a few short months. However, with her upcoming album, ‘ONE,’ Anoush goes beyond the expected, presenting new and unusual song structures and perceptions that are uniquely hers. Her lyrics evoke strong and varied reactions from her audience. Her musical choices demonstrate a bold and distinctive approach that defies convention.

The debut album ‘ONE’ is not just a collection of songs; it’s a testament to the boundless potential of art to provoke thought, emotion, dialogue, and comradery. Anoush invites listeners to explore a tapestry of ideas and sounds that reflect the complexities of life. Get ready to be surprised by the raw honesty, daring experimentation, and refreshingly unique storytelling that define ‘ONE,’



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Young Pianist Amartya Paul Amazes With “Pulse Of The Heroes”




Straight from the world of talented young artists, Amartya Paul is back to blow your mind with his instrumental creation, “Pulse Of The Heroes. Now, you might be wondering, what’s so special about this piece? Well, there’s a lot to unveil…

“Pulse Of The Heroes” is not your typical piano composition. It’s a contemporary classic masterpiece that draws inspiration from the fantastic world of superheroes and supervillains. And if that doesn’t pique your interest, wait until you see the animated video that accompanies it. Trust me, it’s a visual treat!

But the awesomeness can’t stop there. In fact, the orchestration of this brilliant piece is the brainchild of the incredibly talented Camden Boyle. So, you can expect nothing less than high-quality tones.

When he set out to compose “Pulse Of The Heroes,” he initially had a vision of a melody that was fast and exhilarating. It evolved into a piece that could easily fit into the realm of iconic composers like John Williams or Hans Zimmer. It’s epic!


Interestingly, despite his young age, Amartya Paul’s piano skills will leave you utterly surprised. The way he maneuvers those keys is really magical. Moreover, “Pulse Of The Heroes” sounds like it could be the instrumental theme for a blockbuster movie.

But what makes Amartya Paul’s music even more intriguing is his unique approach. He delivers melodies based on his imaginative stories, and each melody flawlessly complements the plot.

You’ll find yourself immersed in tales like “Princess Ava,” “Princess Whitney,” “Giant’s Revenge, and “Giant’s Capture.” And guess what? There are more pieces to come in this exciting series. Keep an eye out for “King Herran,” which is set to drop, possibly at the end of October.

Behind the scenes, he has some incredible support. Kia Portafekas, a Grammy grant recipient, has been his composition teacher for years, nurturing his creative talent. On the other hand, Peter Cai works with Amartya at the studio to produce those initial piano sounds that set the stage for greatness.

And then there’s Bill Kilpatrick, who sometimes steps in to orchestrate these gems while ensuring that the piano sounds align perfectly with the whole concept.

Stay tuned for the next amazing releases below.



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Songs That Can Make You Feel Alive: Charlotte Awbery – Stronger



Charlotte Awbery

Charlotte Awbery, better known as the viral London Tube singer, understands the emotional power of music perfectly. Her latest track “Stronger” is one of those amazing songs that can make you feel alive, while the official video magnifies the wow effect.

Besides, her magnetic performance, the choreography, and the dancers in this new clip are something you won’t easily forget.

Also, it’s not an exaggeration to say that “Stronger” gives off major classic Pop-Rock vibes, and it totally deserves a GRAMMY. Literally, I have been listening to this tune on repeat the entire day.

Not to mention, Charlotte Awbery can reach really high notes, and I think that’s the reason why her talent is simply out of this world! 

Charlotte Awbery
Similarly, The UK-based artist has an aura and charisma that shines, which helps her position her work with a diverse audience. She’s so passionate about everything she does, and that has its reward.

If you are looking for songs that can make you feel alive, “Stronger” takes it to the next level with lyrics that boost your spirits and motivate you to push forward.

Even the rockish side of it can be compared to a jolt that drives you to be empowered. At the end of the day, music is what feelings sound like.



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