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“HiberNation: The MixTape” by Giant the Artist



“HiberNation: The MixTape,” by Giant the Artist (Formerly known as Joshua Giant) is a collaboration project between Giant and the legendary producer Sinima Beats. The 2014 release has been picking up steam, with a huge boost coming from attention gained through popular college radio stations in the United States and Canada. Giant continues his ability to blur the genre lines between Rock and Hip-Hop, being categorized as Alternative Hip-Hop. Recently the artist has been seen with company such as Action Bronson (“Steve Wynn” Music Video), Fabolous (Engine Room Studio Lobby / Instagram), Rik Cordero & Cam’ron (Various Music Video Sets). When asked about the Mixtape in an interview for WSHH, Giant responded: “It was a real theme driven concept. I wanted people to feel what I go through in my mind on a daily basis as an artist. Something about Sinima’s production just clicked with me, and I ran it all the way into the ground. But this is only the beginning of the story. I have so much more material coming out this year so keep an eye out for your brother…” There have been rumors lurking of Giant releasing an album consisting of nothing but acoustic instruments and vocals, entitled, “Acoustic Paradox,” by the summer of this year. For now, “HiberNation: The MixTape,” is a solid piece of introspective work from a bright young artist that should see continued success.


By Erick Ycaza

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