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Hidden Vaporizer Advertisement In DJ Khaled’s “I’m The One”



Hidden Vaporizer Advertisement In DJ Khaled's "Im The One"
Earlier this year DJ Khaled released the music video for his hit song “I’m the One”. In the video, there were countless advertisements that many viewers may have missed.

They include:

– Kandypens vaporizers
– Beats headphones
– Supreme clothing
– Cîroc
– Luc Belaire Rare Luxe champagne.
– Bumbu rum

In the video, one of the models can be seen vaporizing which appears to be the Kandypens Gravity vaporizer. This vaporizer is becoming very popular with millennials, and it can be argued that this music video is part of the reason.

With over 800 million views on YouTube, the companies advertising in the video are getting a ton of exposure, whether listeners notice they are advertising or not.

Advertising in music videos is clearly alive and well, and this is likely something we will continue to see more of in the future. Companies realize the influence that famous artists have these days over millennials, and are taking full advantage of it.

Most people that watch music videos might not even realize these advertisements are there, but subconsciously may have an effect on their purchasing decisions in the future.

With music videos becoming more and more popular, companies will only continue to promote their products in them. Especially since it’s a cheap form of advertising when you take into consideration how many people are viewing the videos.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


When A Poem Is Transformed Into Music… Listen To “Finding Peace”



Finding Peace

Naveed Ali and his new project Nav Studios set the perfect mood on “Finding Peace, an inspirational song that lifts your spirit especially if you’re passing through difficult times. Actually, the whole composition is a moving poem brought from a musical standpoint.

Certainly, there’s a powerful meaning behind the lyrics, which might remind you of relatable moments. One way or another, his words also incite you to trust your inner voice in order to move forward with wisdom and guidance.

In a nutshell, follow your heart and find tranquility deep within it.

Are you into acoustic songs? Then, this tune should be on your playlist on repeat.

Just breathe and pay attention to the essence of “Finding Peace,” a track you will treasure.

Finding Peace
On the other side of the coin, Naveed’s forte isn’t singing nor producing melodies, however, he excels in songwriting.

Believe it or not, there’s a team of outstanding anonymous artists behind the Nav Studios project that gives life to his reflective verses. Well, “Finding Peace” is a great example of a combination of talents.

As a curious fact, in his spare time, Naveed’s imagination is like a seed that keeps growing to develop interesting children’s books and creative literary work. And that is to say nothing of his passion for entrepreneurship and charitable activities.

Keep an eye out for more updates via the official YouTube channel.



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Briana Piedra Drops Her New Edgy RnB Single!



Briana Piedra

When falling in love sometimes things don’t always go as planned and it can get messy very quickly. Heartbreak is something a lot of us experience at least once in our lifetime, and it can be extremely overwhelming and unbearable at times.

“It Was Always You” puts you in the mind of a girl who was experiencing rejection and remorse. But how do you admit how you truly feel when you’ve already come in second place? With feelings of betrayal, isolation, and darkness, the need to escape takes over.

➤ Download/Stream

Briana Piedra

This song takes you on a journey through anguish and self-discovery.

“It Was Always You” is a very ambient and nostalgic r&b song. I’m so proud and still in awe of how this song came about. It started with a simple piano that I wrote a ballad over, and then ended up turning into a full on production after going back and forth on ideas with my producers. This song is extremely close to my heart and every time I listen to it I’m reminded of my inner strength and my ability to overcome any obstacle. — Briana Piedra

Briana Piedra is an American Singer/Songwriter from Portland, OR, currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Briana started off her music career in 2019 when she released her debut single “Something To Believe In”, then shortly followed with her electrifying single “No More” in 2020.

After creating a buzz in the PNW, she quickly got to work on a project with the producer Duo, Yellow Trash Can, packed up and moved to
LA early 2021 and hit the ground running with her mesmerizing 5 song EP ‘Daydream’ that came out in July 2021.

Now in 2022, Briana kicked off this year by releasing her upbeat summer hit single “Crave” in April, and is keeping her momentum going with her new moody song release “It Was Always You.”



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Crash Landed Release “Curls” — Fresh Indie Music To Chill Out To



Crash Landed
Hailing from the UK, Lee and Ed are the creative masterminds behind Crash Landed. Discover the essence of Jazztronik with their new song “Curls” designed to soothe your soul and bring chill-out vibes.

Needless to say, these artists are making a big impression with those saxophone blasts. Besides that, the special narrative revolves around obsessive love and hope while romanticism swirls in the air.

Undoubtedly, here the music freely takes you through sweet melodic horizons dotted with a hypnotic rhythm.

You can notice they have good chemistry when their sultry voices are on full display and match the dreamy atmosphere to a fantastic effect.

Stream “Curls” via Spotify below.

Musically speaking, the duo takes some inspiration from MGMT, Candy Dulfer, and Miike Snow. In terms of production, the fresh Indie style is sure to unite people of all backgrounds.

Can we dare to say this is the best of Crash Landed yet?… Well, only time will tell, as their adventure in the music industry has only just begun.

Lastly, I also recommend the debut single “Plans,” which has amassed over 20K streams over such a short period.

It’s clear there’s a bright future ahead of them.



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