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Did Hillary Clinton Use An EDM Song For Her Presidential Campaign?



Did Hillary Clinton Used An EDM Song For Her Presidential Campaign?
Australian artist DJ Throttle felt over the moon that his EDM song “Together” was played across the United States at Hillary Clinton’s campaign stops. The 19-year-old Throttle, born Robbie Bergin, received an email asking if Clinton could use the track in her campaign. Bergin’s response was simple, “I’m stoked that she’s using it.” There’s no bigger advertising for your new single than an iconic presidential candidate using it to look cool. Watch the artist’s video right here:

On the other hand, Trump was running out of songs to play with permission. So he had some country tunes, the theme song to Air Force One, and “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera. For our money, a song about a rich, masked cellar dweller who abducts women is just the thing to make America great again lol.

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