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Chambray Drops Debut Album ‘Reliev’ — Stream In Full



Chambray Drops Debut Album 'Reliev'
Last year, I chose Chambray‘s “Work That” as the best Techno single of 2015. Well, this week, I received the news he released his debut album ‘Reliev’ which fills me with satisfaction and pleasure. He’s not the usual Techno producer that makes dark beats, instead, he always opts to produce uplifting and happy music, and his 9-track record is proof of that.

It is common to say that club music is not adapted to the album format, because it is not like Pop, a genre that typically is intended to make people sing cheesy lyrics. However, in today’s music world, there are millions of Techno and underground music fans that will listen and buy for sure Chambray’s ‘Reliev’ album. In particular, we have to take into account that it was released under the Jimmy Edgar’s label Ultramajic, which has a lot of followers on the world wide web.

This album is filled with tracks inspired by Chicago House rhythms, aka Techno. Without any exception, all songs are powerful and calibrated for the dance floor. You will appreciate his ability to produce heavy upbeat tracks for the masses and curious explorers of non-traditional music too!

Stream In Full Chambray’s ‘Reliev’ Album

By Erick Ycaza

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