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Interview | Questions And Answers With Slavaki



Interview | Questions And Answers With Slavaki

Elusive Records is a fresh Electronica record label that has been progressing with original music productions. Today we chatted with the talented DJ, producer and label owner Slavaki about his artistic career and future projects. If you want to know more read everything below!

1 – At what point of your life did you discover your fascination for electronic music?

When I was a small kid, I remember hearing the music, and getting really curious every time I heard a sound, that I couldn’t match with an instrument I was familiar with. I’d be like, “it’s not a guitar, it’s not a piano, it’s not a violin, what is this cool sound…?!”. At about the age of 10 I learned how to play a few chords on a guitar while in the kids summer camp. In my early teens I played in bands with my friends, learning how to play guitar, drums, bass, keyboards. In my mid-teens I started listening to all then-new Electronica albums. Soon I got my first drum machine. Then I got a pair of turntables and a mixer and started buying records. Then I got my first synthesizer. The rest is history.

2 – Has it been a challenge to promote Minimal and Tech music, where commercial DJs receive the full attention from the media?

It is a challenge, but it’s challenges like this, that make us develop and grow. You have to learn how to use what you have, to be resourceful, inventive, to keep coming up with new strategies, new ideas, to be more and more creative every time, and think outside the box. I don’t think it’s ever been easy for any true artist.

3 – I noticed most of your tracks have an atmospheric futuristic attitude. Do you watch a lot of Sci-Fi movies?

No! I haven’t had much time in my life for movies at all actually. I only mostly watch movies when I’m on a plane! But I studied physics, and I like making trippy sounds! Atmospheres are also quite essential in my music. It’s a great way to affect listener’s mood. It’s like you go to the forest on a foggy morning and everything feels so much more mysterious.

4 – Your new EP ‘Escalator’ will be released in January 2017. How much time did it take you to produce this record and what’s your favourite track?

The way I work, is I make lots of music, and then at some point, when I feel like making a record, I go through my ready tracks and choose what I want to put out. Tracks on this EP are from 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2012.

5 – What’s the meaning behind the EP title ‘Escalator’?

When I listen to the title track, it always feels like I’m going up one very long escalator. It’s always growing, always going up and up; somebody will definitely have an amazing time on the dancefloor! Of course this title has a few other hidden meanings, but I’ll leave it for the listeners to interpret.

6 – You will release this EP also in a special vinyl format. Do you think Laptop DJs have a bad reputation among the Vinyl fans?

Not at all! For me, personally, format doesn’t matter. Having said that, as a label owner, I like to use vinyl as quality control. You have to put your money in it, if you want to release something on vinyl, so you’ll think hundred times, before you sign some track for such and such release. I’m also quite crafty and like working with vinyl as a medium in a sense, that through collaborations with graphical artists, we try to make this physical object a piece of art on its own as well!

7 – Do you plan to release a new music video? If yes, can you share with us some ideas?

I have recently teamed up with an aspiring art-house film-maker, and we are working on two music videos. One of them is for the track “In Circles” from this EP.

8 – How does your current studio set-up look like?

For me making music is all about recording. During the years, I have collected a set of electronic and acoustic musical instruments, that suit my taste and occupy different places in my sonic palette. I have a very good quality analogue recording chain, and everything gets recorded through it. For quite some time, I wasn’t happy with my sound, until I started running my instruments through a nice high-end pre-amp and a compressor before hitting the inputs of the audio interface. I have special audio transformers fitted in my preamp, which allows me to plug my synths and drum machines straight to the mic input of my vintage pre/inductor EQ, and it’s now part of my sound. I use Ableton to record audio, and to arrange. Nothing beats Ableton for arrangement work. When I’m ready with my arrangement, and “in-the-box” mix, I route my groups through 24 channels of my audio interface and mix it down through my Amek analogue desk. If you are a music producer trying to improve the quality of you mixdown, I welcome you to try my Analogue Summing service.

9 – Where do you dream to perform live someday?

I won’t go as far as stadium arenas and international space stations, but it would be nice to see what’s possible with a crowd of several thousand.

10 – What’s the purpose of your music productions?

The purpose of this music is to make people feel, to help them enjoy whatever it is they might be doing, and in some cases, to move and inspire. I also want my music to surprise, to play with listener’s brain, and to give them the best entertainment. I want to provide a unique experience for their mind, body and soul.



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