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How Music Changes Gaming Experiences



There are many different aspects of gaming that help elicit a response from the player – great storytelling can be an adventure of its own, great visuals can help cover up other shortcomings, and great dialogue can be enough even where other aspects are lacking. But one area of gaming that continues to be a huge factor in success is within music – a great soundtrack can leave a game with a legendary status or make it another forgettable name in a growing pile. Music is so important that it’s even a theme of its own in many genres, some of the biggest sites at all feature music as a core part of their gameplay, and are amongst the most popular game opportunities available that aren’t registered to Gamstop, but what other big games have been defined by their music choice?

It doesn’t have to be original – Just because an OST isn’t made for the game doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a longer-lasting impact – games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City released back in 2001 but packed a heavy 80’s style radio station with some huge hits on it that introduced a younger audience to the music who may not have heard the type of music before and for many helped inspire a generation of that type of music within gaming. There are many instances that this remains true for too, names like Tony Hawks Pro Skater, Need for Speed Underground, and many others that feature a packed soundtrack that will still remain on the playlist of many of the players who had heard them during their formative years.

gaming experiences and music
OST’s can be hard-hitting too – Particularly within the indie gaming industry, there have been a huge number of original sounds tracks that have been just as, if not more impactful than well-known songs. Coming in all genres, some of these OST’s can even revive music genres that may be seeing a little lull. Big games that have done so recently come in names like Risk of Rain 2, with an extensive original electronic composition with a few rock tracks, it has been long praised for having some of the best music within gaming and has helped many players explore a genre they may have been otherwise unwilling to listen to. Other names like the recent Borderlands title have had big success with things like jazz tracks as one big feature appeared during an important part of the game and changed the tone completely, showing just how impactful music can be.

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