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How To Choose Your DJ Style?




How To Choose Your DJ Style?
The tunes you pick to play and the way you mix them come together to define your DJ style. Your style can and should be pliable, depending on what club you’re playing in and what kind of music is expected of you.

If, like me, you came to DJing because you were inspired by another DJ or a music genre as a whole, you’ll already have a basic style before you even start to think about one. However, try not to simply be a copycat of your favorite DJ.

Listen to as many DJs as you can for inspiration, then put everything you’ve picked up into a big pot, give it a stir, add in your own creative ideas that have grown from listening to these DJs and hopefully you have that little twist to your style that makes you different from other DJs.

Your style may also change from what you play in the bedroom and hand out on CD to what you play in a club. You may be a Trance fiend in the bedroom, but the club you work at demands commercial dance music, so you have to tone down the music you play. This fact doesn’t pigeonhole you as a commercial dance DJ; it’s quite the opposite. You’re actually a well-rounded DJ: you can play top Trance in the biggest clubs in the land, or play commercial tunes and tailor your set list to a mainstream crowd.

The genre of music you play doesn’t define how you put it together, though. Between key changes, tempo changes, energy and genre changes, you can put together your own unique style, but also one that’s still aimed at the people you’re playing for the crowd in front of you.

When playing live, try to take the crowd through different levels of emotions. Take them from cheering and smiling to a little more intense, eyes closed and hands in the air, and then back to cheering and bouncing up and down on the dance floor. If you can put together a musical experience instead of choosing 20 tunes just because they mix well with each other, you’ll be more creative, be able to work the crowd and hopefully be regarded as a great DJ.


Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


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