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How To Maintain Your Favorite Hat?



How To Maintain Your Favorite Hat
Normally, hats are worn for various reasons such as protection against harsh weather conditions, ceremonial reasons, or as a fashion accessory. However, any hat worn requires utmost care.

Below are some of the tips that will help you increase the longevity of your favorite hat.

1 – Storage of Your Hat

You should not ignore this very important factor. There are various places of storing your hat as explained below.

I. Putting It Down On A Flat Surface
Flat surface is one of the recommended storage locations for your hat. If you consider storing it on a flat surface, always ensure that you lay it upside down on its crown. This will maintain its shape. However, laying it on its brim may cause it to change its shape through flattening.

II. Hanging It On A Hat Rack or Peg
This is another way of storing your hat. Before hanging, always ensure that the peg is wide enough to create a dimple in the hat. However, your hat should not be stored on a hat rack for a long period. This is due to the force of gravity that may pull it changing its shape. You can also learn how to reshape your hat here.

hat rack
III. Storing It In A Hatbox
This is the best place when it comes to storing your hat for a prolonged period. The hatbox can support both the crown and brim at the same time. Upon storing your hat in a hatbox, always consider storing the hatbox in a cool dry place. This is due to heat and moisture the may end up damaging your hat. In addition, if you store your hatbox in a moist place, months may make it a snack.

2 – Cleaning Your Hat

Just like clothes, hats also get dirty. Some of this dirt includes dust, loose dirt, hair or fluff, and stains. All these types of dirt require cleaning as explained below.

I. Dust Cleaning
If your hat is dirty because of dust, it is necessary to wipe off the dust. This should be performed with a slightly damp clean cloth.

II. Loose Dirt Cleaning
If your hat looks dirty, clean it using a suitable brush that is not abrasive. In addition, the bristle color of the brush should match with that of the hat. Using a brush with different bristle color make sometimes transfer the color to the hat. When cleaning, always brush your hat gently in counter clockwise motions.

men hat
III. Hair or fluff cleaning
If the nature of a hat’s dirt is hair, then you should always wipe it with a piece of tape wrapped around your fingers. This should be done gently around the hat.

IV. Stains Cleaning
For major stains, make use of a cleaner made for hats such as Scout hat Cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the stain, wait for it to dry into a powder and brush it off. However, minor stains can be cleaned using a gum eraser or rubber sponges.

hat cleaner
3 – How To Prolong Your Hat’s Life

I. Always Handle It By The Brim
When putting it on or off, always handle your hat by the brim. If you hand it by the crown, you may end up weakening the crown that hold its shape.

II. Let A Wet hat Dry Naturally
After washing your hat, always allow it to dry naturally. Drying it using artificial heat such as hair drier may shrink it.

III. Put Your Hat Off During Sweating
Putting off your hat during sweating allows the wet and oil sweat to evaporate instead of soaking into your hat.

In conclusion, it is worthy to maintain your favorite hat. Putting the above tips into practice will help prolong the life of your hat. This will cut down the expense cost of buying new hats every now and then due to poor maintenance.

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