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How To Stop Procrastinating?



How To Stop Procrastinating?
Procrastination is the thief of the time. Why should you do it today if it can wait till the day after? Students very often fall into the circle of procrastination and most of the times they are waiting for things which could be solved by themselves without their participation.

Another way of dealing with paper writing is doing it for the last few hours before the examination day. How do you think could the writing thesis get a high grade?

So, let’s stay a little for the procrastination word. It was invented especially for the situation when we postpone an important matter, distracted by more pleasant tasks.

Imagine how the student who should write his thesis, looks beside for reasons to avoid the start. He yet doesn’t know the topic; he doesn’t know how to create a perfect match for a lesson and his lecturer.

We live in a world where it’s very easy to get bogged down in different kinds of things and forget about the main thing. You are always waiting for news in the social feed, a pile of books that you’ve wanted to read for a long time, and you need to call your mother, take out the trash, pat the T-shirts and so on.

How to handle it?

Time management advisers and many bloggers have created thousands of words and have come up with a huge number of life-hacks to make things done. Reading the next tips, you can save your time and collect the most effective and working ones.

1. Form a habit
Willpower is nothing. The habit is all. 40% of everything that you do in your life is a common automotive habit because you’re used to acting like that. The best way to get rid of procrastination is to move your “terrible” tasks into the habits list. Even if the custom writing essay seems creepy when you just starting it for the first time, the second time will not be so scary. A well-known Brian Tracy devoted a whole book about why you should not start the working day with easier and more pleasant matters. He concluded that exact the habit of going on board, without delaying the tasks in a long box, determines both the speed of the career ladder and the success in the life.

2. Use the two-minute rule
A long time ago, Isaac Newton revealed to us an important law of physics: objects in rest tend to remain in rest, objects in motion usually remain in motion. The physics of real life demonstrates us that the most important step is to begin. Furthermore, the case has every chance to continue by inertia. The rule of two minutes of David Allen helps to speed up the tasks that do not move off the ground. According to the rule, if the task takes less than two minutes, it should be done right now. Do you need to write a term paper? Take your 2 minutes and write the first line.

two-minute rule
3. Divide all huge tasks into small ones

Stop thinking about how huge your task is. In any case, it consists of smaller parts. By dividing them, you will definitely see that individually they are all not so difficult to accomplish. It’s also helpful tip if the procrastination goes with perfectionism: individual small tasks are much easier to finish ideally than large and complex ones.

4. Make a detailed plan
This technique logically follows from the previous: when you divide your task into its parts, you should describe in detail how and when you will deal with each of them. You should definitely write it on the page in the diary, a pair of stickers from your table or in any convenient application manager for you. This will allow you to miss nothing in your plan.

5. Set the deadlines for yourself
The work will last exactly as long as you want. Tell yourself that you will be working in 24/7 mode, and you’ll have it. And it’s not the fact that you will achieve the result. Remember one rule – while you do not have a set day or an hour in your calendar for finishing, your list of tasks is more like a wishlist. The extremely tight deadline date will force you to ignore everything that does not lead to the goal, and concentrate on that 20% of the actions that give 80% of the result.

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