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Where To Find Top Royalty Free Music?



Where To Find Top Royalty Free Music?
There is a huge difference between royalty free music and free music that can be played on YouTube videos. Free music refers to the site where you download music free of charge but you may not have the necessary right to use it without paying because you will face copyright issues. On the other hand, copyright free music can be downloaded and used without paying any fee. You can buy such music once or get from other resources free of charge. The music can then be used on video without incurring additional costs.

In addition to the discussed sites below, you can check out the tech reviewer for other incredible sites where you can download the best royalty free music. You will not require any license to buy music or use it. Additionally, the music you download can be used for commercial purposes.

YouTube Audio Library

Majority of people use this source to get audio music for their videos. Sound effects and music can be directly added to your YouTube videos. You may also download them if you want to work offline. Hundreds of sound effects and audio music are searchable. They can as well be filtered by attrition, genre, mood, or the instrument used. Always check to confirm whether attribution is required or not. If required, just credit the owner in the description you give on your video.

best royalty free music
Epidemic Sound

This site started operating in 2009. The main aim of establishing this site was to make potential outcomes in all stages. The platform benefits both the user and the artists who come up with music. This site is among the best to get free music that you will not face copyright issues.

Free Stock Music

This site is free to sign up. It has a wide variety of free music as the name suggests. Music is available across all genres. Hundreds of free tracks can be downloaded by users. Music is also available in different formats such as WAV, AIFF, and MP3. You do not have to mention the artist in your video description.

sony acid

This site is easy to use and filter. Music tracks are available in MP3 format. This is among the top site where you can easily download royalty free music. The other important thing is that music is regularly updated to allow you to get the newest music. It has a decent sized library meaning that you are likely to get any type of music you want thus making it convenient for you. Attribution is required so you have to give credit to the artist.


This site contains 1103 music tracks but the list is updated weekly. The music contained in its library covers all genres. You can only download music in MP3 format. This royalty free music can requires a citation when used. You have to link the TeknoAxe website, the YouTube video or the specific webpage.

Josh Woodward

Josh Woodward is an artist who has recorded music tracks. All the music in this site is personally produced by him. In total, there are more than 200 songs available. All you have to do is to use his music free of royalty but remember to promote his website by giving him credit. Music in this site can be sorted by mood, name, theme, and genre. You can only get MP3 files.

If you do not want to receive any copyright strike, feel free to use these amazing websites to get royalty free music tracks for your videos. These sites give you access to a wide variety of music across all genres thus giving you a lot of options. It is important to credit the artist to promote their site even though it may not be compulsory.

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