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How To Train Your Puppy To Stay Fashionable With Men



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The stay command is one crucial trick that any dog owner should train his or her dog. It can help save a dog’s life in dangerous situations. For a “stay” command to be perfect you need to say stay once and this cues the dog to freeze. The dog should hold stay despite what is happening around them. The dog should remain in this position until you give the release cue. The common mistake when teaching stay is trying to teach too many things at once. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to train your puppy to stay fashionable with men.

Start with duration when training your puppy to stay

1) In the first stage of the training focus on Building the duration of the stay very gradually, set the dog for success by showing the dog that staying is the most rewarding thing. Remember that the goal is to keep the dog in the position at first for a brief period of time.

2) Start the training in a quiet familiar surrounding with no distractions. Stand right in front of your dog. Maintain a small distance between yourself and the dog as this allows you to communicate with them more authentically and reduces the chance of them breaking their position and getting up.

3) Ask your puppy to sit or take the down position. Wait for a few seconds and give a treat if they hold the position for two seconds.

4) Click for eye contact and hold your hand with your palm facing the dog in a stop position. Dogs are naturally inclined to pay attention to this motion. At first, your dog’s attention may only hold for a second or two, act fast and reward them with a treat.

5) Try out the action again and say the verbal cue “stay” when you hold your hand in a stop position. Always reward when they sit still.

Add some distance between you and the puppy

6) Gradually lengthen the duration between treats and always remember to connect with your puppy verbally.

7) Once your puppy has clicked with the stay command you can lengthen the distance between them. Start with the shorter stay. Focus and Treat her before they break from the stay position. Stand a foot away and ask her to stay. Reward the puppy each time the duration increases.

8) Once your puppy has mastered the act of staying in one place when there is some distance between you, proceed to add in some distractions. The goal is to ensure that your puppy stays no matter the surrounding. Don’t add too many distractions at once. Gradually is the pace.

Start with the puppy in a sit position, signal to give the stay command, then you can do any of the following distractions:

Toss a toy
Move in a circular movement around your puppy
Bounce a ball
Walk a few stays away with your back turned on the puppy

Practice makes perfect

Make it more challenging each time she holds the stay. Add new challenges if your puppy is responding appropriately. If the puppy breaks a stay, revert to a less challenging action and make the duration shorter. Training any puppy takes time and patience. The training duration should be in short sessions since Puppies tend to have short attention spans. Practice more often and have loads of fun!

By Erick Ycaza

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