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Ice Bunny Is Back With “Showgirl”, Electro-Pop Music With A Touch Of Metal!



This year we are inundated with new artists, but I only pay attention to the original ones. Indeed, it is precisely why I’m talking again about Ice Bunny, who is back with her second release, “Showgirl”. Just to give you a reference, the 21-year-old indie singer showcases a peculiar style where Electro-Pop meets Metal. In other words, she has been actually compared as the “child” between Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson in a figurative sense due to her aesthetics and rhythm.

Unquestionably, the way she passionately sings on “Showgirl”, reminded me of those 1980’s Rock power ballads. Add to this, the use of analog synths sounds and thumping drums. Perhaps, you’ll agree with me that this is a song which invites listeners to sing out loud its memorable chorus. If I’m not wrong, there’s an empowering feminist vibe with the lyrics, but it also feels very dancey. Needless to say, “Showgirl” deserves a 5-star rating ★★★★★. I can’t wait to hear more from Ice Bunny.



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