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I:Cube- Transpiration (Original Mix)



I:Cube finally triumphed over the chimera and delivered a new EP Lucifer en Discothèque as a prelude to his forthcoming album. After 15 years of an almost constant production, how can any artist possibly avoid the pitfall of repetition while re-inventing his style? Cube delivers a masterly answer! As its name implies, “Transpiration” (perspiration in English) is sure to make dance floors sweat around the globe.
Whats fascinating with these new tracks, especially “Transpiration”, is the way Chaix manages to reconcile the old with the new, his 15-year heritage of production with all the recent technological developments. This track reveals various influences, for instance Todd Terry, Godfather of the 90s NY House, as well as Sheffield rave parties of the same era yet revisited without an ounce of pomposity.


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