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Illuminati: Greater Good



Illuminati: Greater Good

… Today I’m sharing an anonymous guest post …

One night, I was leaving the strip club, immediately after Banknote Mitch’s performance. I headed to my car as usual. I know it had to be after 2 AM or after because the club had stopped serving alcohol. I was just about to pull off when I was approached by two men in black suits. They asked me to come with them and I followed them into the basement of a two-story house a couple of streets over from a well-known loan shark. They sat me down at a table and asked me if I was willing to make a deal. I kept asking, but they would not tell me what deal I would be making. Reluctantly, I agreed that I would. Nothing has been the same ever since.

I was told that my life had been mapped out since birth, that I was unknowingly being groomed for greatness. I figured saying the wrong thing would just cause trouble, so I just kept my mouth shut. “Once a chosen one has reached the age and has the mental capacity to carry out their purpose they will be approached by the enlightened.” “The enlightened?”, I asked. The second man in the black suit looked as if he would break my arm into pieces if I said another word. “If you choose not to join, you will never be contacted again, as many others are in the same situation you are at this very second.” I thought about this for a minute. None of this made sense. Who are these guys? And what do they want with me? “You will become wealthy beyond belief through the resources provided.” Now that caught my attention.

“Some myths that you might have heard are that you have to make a sacrifice and there is no way out. But why would you leave? These things are just being handed to you, no strings attached, to help you on your journey to greatness. Some people such as Banknote Mitch, Beyonce, and Tom Cruise are a part of this very important organization.” In the very, very back of my head, I knew something was up. Then I thought about how I had to stand out in the cold on the corner every morning just to make a quick buck and put food on the table. “Where do I sign.”, I said.

The second man in the black suit grinned. “Welcome to the Illuminati.”, he said. Everything went black. I had no idea what I was getting into on that night. I didn’t know of the years of hell that faced me in the future. I couldn’t predict by signing that paper I had lost everything. But soon enough, I wanted out. After years of lying, resentment, and destruction, I had what I needed to get back on my feet and out of the wicked organization that has caused the downfall of everything great.

See, each member of the Illuminati has over 1,000 counterparts who are capable of performing at the same pace of every single member efficiently. The hard part is finding at least one of your counterparts, being that they are spread throughout the world. After you find one of your counterparts you must set them up to take your place. Who knows, those men in black might have wanted out too. But the thing is, once you find someone to take your place, all the years with the Illuminati would make all of your other memories seem to fade, only leaving memories of riches and fame. Knowing no one will ever believe your story, it would be purposeless to kill you. But at the very moment my counterpart replaced me, as everything started to fade away, I thought of my daughter.

The last thing I remember from that moment was me pulling off from the parking lot of the strip club, after Banknote Mitch’s performance. For various reasons, I shall stay anonymous, but my experience with the Illuminati goes to show that love is greater than greed.

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