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In Review: Jules Verne Theory – ‘Black Swan Events’ Debut Album



In Review: Jules Verne Theory - Black Swan Events
Jules Verne Theory
 (aka Richard Slee and Arron Clague) are about to release their debut album ‘Black Swan Events’ later on this month (29th July) on US Synthpop Label Ninthwave Records. I had the chance to review their private playlist within SoundCloud and I must sincerely admit that I’m addicted to all the songs and can’t even stop singing!  In this album, the duo has created some of the most original Electro Pop songs the music industry has ever seen. Probably, you may know them for the outstanding remixes they’ve arranged in the past for H17 and Erasure, but today they are capable to take a step forward on their own creativity. Jules Verne Theory’s debut album is brilliant and very unique, that’s why it deserves a proper track-by-track review:

  1 – Time Traveller This is the album opener for ‘Black Swan Event’. A lovely sci-fi themed song that will leave you breathless! When I listen to Richard singing, I feel exactly what the words are trying to convey. I love this one, it is a strong tune that could serve as their next single!

2 – No Ghosts Here we have a more upbeat track with distorted vocals that are coming from a radio, which seems to be a tribute to several important figures in the world of music, such as John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Frank Sinatra, and among others who are mentioned in the lyrics. Last year we blogged the track’s music video, click here to watch it.

3 – Vienna Calling The song starts with an arsenal of synth bleeps and electronic touches produced by Arron. A beautiful emotive song that is easy to sing along.

4 – Neurotic The rhythm on this is simply jamin! It has a notable four-on-the-floor beat pattern that will make you dance.

5 – Blue Book Richard’s vocoded voice parts are pretty interesting and somehow very futuristic. The synthesizers here create a dark atmosphere with the drum and percussion sounds.

6 – Coordinate It’s Jules Verne Theory’s try on ambient/electronica music. A serene melody accompanied by pretty short lyrics. This one is more focused on sound!

7 –  Tomorrowland This tune has nothing to do with the biggest electronic music festival on Earth. It is a song that makes a call on reflection about the future. Nice lyrics filled with hooks and a memorable melody. Richard’s vocal range is fantastic as well.

8 – Super Moon Alligator I had fun listening to the rap verse of this song. A track that sounds totally different than the rest.  Believe me! you won’t get this tune out of your head, as it is extremely catchy.

9 – Dick Whittington II This Synthpop song seems to tell a fairy tale that starts with “If you go to London town…” All seemed to make sense with its unconventional song title!

10 – Annonymous Here these guys play a mysterious, dark and melancholic tune. It’s infectiously catchy from start to finish, leaving you wanting more. It has a nice chorus, and Arron shines on synthesizers once again!

11 – Requiem For A Dying Star I could say this is my favorite Synthpop ballad of 2016! A song that creates a beautiful atmosphere, it’s about to the death of a real music star, David Bowie! Watch the lyrics video below.

In conclusion, somehow Jules Verne Theory reminded me of musical acts such as Depeche Mode, and Erasure, and if you’re a fan of electronic music and synthesizers then this album is perfect for you! The music genre still exists today and thanks to modern technology, artists have more advantages than in the past. In this case, the duo know how to use it pretty well. Not only their production skills will impress, but also the album’s songs that share interesting stories.

The album is coming out on Friday, July 29th, 2016 check out their website for more information: 

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