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Discover Brad Geiger’s Indie Rock Project Roman Revolutionaries



indie rock project
Brad Geiger explores a new artistic phase with his Indie Rock project, Roman Revolutionaries. Seeking to capture rhythms of bands like The Decemberists, Of Montreal, Bright Eyes, The Beatles, Oasis and Coldplay, he shares with us the most recent album, ‘Beach Day’. If his cutting-edge work “Suggestions For Automatics” impressed you, it’s likely you’ll take this 14-track material as a gift. Furthermore, he doesn’t depart from the standards of writing vibrant lyrics. Add to this, electric guitars and strings in an alternative rockish sort of arrangement for your enjoyment. Stream in full ‘Beach Day’ below via Spotify.

Believe it or not, Brad grew up living in 7 towns in the US. In the past, he used to be a counselor alumnus of the prestigious Tumbleweed Day Camp in Los Angeles, California. From his traveling years in America, Europe, and Australia he gained additional knowledge. After living abroad for three years, Brad Geiger returned to his homeland, in order to continue his musical career stateside since 2018.



By Erick Ycaza

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