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International DJ Day Celebrated Around The World



DJ Day
Every year on March 9th, individuals from around the globe are expected to commemorate International DJ Day. This special day has been celebrated for a decade to honor the hard work of DJs in the music industry.

DJs have gained immense popularity in our era, and we owe them the ability to party and dance endlessly. The World DJ Fund and Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy foundations took the initiative in 2002 and have actively supported this cause ever since.

The term DJ refers to a musician who creates, selects, and performs music for an audience. During a DJ set, they mix tracks that are remixes or extended versions of original songs. There are various types of DJs, including:

Radio DJ: These DJs work at radio stations where they broadcast new tracks and remixes.

Club DJ:
These DJs perform at bars, events, or discotheques.

Bedroom DJ:
These DJs play music in their own bedrooms and share their mixes through videos or podcasts.

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