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Interview: Award-Winning Film Producer Lyle Howry Talks About “Street 2” Soundtrack



Interview: Award-Winning Film Producer Lyle Howry Talks About 'Street 2' Soundtrack

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with award-winning film producer Lyle Howry. It is important to mention he has an interesting vision about the music of the upcoming film “Street 2 Death Fight”. In fact, a portion of the proceeds from the soundtrack will be donated to charity. Discover more here!

1 – First of all, Why should we see ‘Street 2’?

If you were a fan of “STREET” I would definitely recommend “Street 2 Death Fight,” Without giving too much away, the new film takes a whole new twist from the first film of the franchise. We get into human trafficking bringing awareness to how big of a problem it is. We have also added a military flavor to it along with the underground fighting. The film is action packed with a message in it.

2 – What’s new in this ‘Street’ sequel?

The first film was very good, bypassing the big studio film “Deadpool” on, becoming a number one bestseller, and selling out in just 3 days. This new film takes a huge turn in which REMO STREET is killed and ALES STREET, his half-brother (they have the same father) is a damaged U.S. Army Ranger coming home after his second tour in Afghanistan to bury his brother. REMO STREET was killed competing in an underground fight club sponsored by local crime boss URI SAKALOV. In the midst of their mourning, the family is hit with another tragedy. Ales’ little sister, JESSY, is kidnapped by Chinese TRIADS. From there the story explodes into action!

3 – How many artists are involved in the soundtrack?

Right now we have only a couple because the film is still in pre-production. We have two Grammy-nominated artists so far and are in talks with several others. It is definitely going to be a big soundtrack this time around.

4 – What kind of sound are you initially looking for?

We are looking for a mix of music ranging from the 80’s to Hip Hop – Rap and Alternative. We’re also looking at some melodies with a foreign flavor to give it even more worldwide appeal.

street 2
5 – What’s the role you think music will play in this film?

Music will play a big role as I think you will agree music is a big part of life. Everything from feelings, emotions, excitement, sadness, music plays a big role in everyday life. We are hoping to use the music to not only keep your attention in the film but also help express the emotions of the film. I think music should basically help drive a film. It should keep you in all the moments of the film like you’re actually in the film being scared to almost feeling the punches being thrown. Music should be another way to express the feel of the film.

6 – I really liked the idea that some of the proceeds from the soundtrack will go to charity. Can you tell us more about this beneficence?

Yes, we are going to be donating to several charities, not just human trafficking. eMission Save Her is run by Reggie Benjamin, Eric Benet, and James Maslow. We will also be involved with abused kids and foster kids as I’m starting the Lyle Howry foundation for Foster and Abused kids. This is close to my heart as I come from that background. Down the line, I hope to be taking underprivileged kids and kids from foster homes and giving them a chance in the film world. If they want to act my foundation will get them acting classes and help them through the process. If they want to operate a camera, become a producer or writer we will help them accomplish that. So in essence, I want to help as many people as possible but mainly kids because that’s where everything starts at the core of it. I think these days there’s not a lot of respect out there and I think that respect is the catalyst in the human world today and we definitely need more of that.

Film Producer Lyle Howry
7 – How will we be able to download the soundtrack and support the charity?

Once we have finished filming we will start inserting the soundtrack. I think we’ll probably go after a record label deal with one of the major companies or even start our own. We also might go the route of iTunes Spotify, YouTube, CD Baby, SoundCloud to release the music. We did that with “Street” and it worked out pretty well.

8 – Where do you see an instrumental playing a role in this film? Why?

I would say through some of the emotional scenes and love scenes we will use instrumentals.

Lyle Howry interview
9 – In terms of similarities, do you believe the soundtrack for ‘Street 2’ can be compared to other films’ soundtracks?

Yes, I feel it will compete with some of the past films like Warrior, Rocky, John Wick and much more in that genre.

10 – In your opinion, What makes a film score unforgettable?

Like I said before, an unforgettable score keeps you in the moment of the film and takes you on all the roller coaster rides the characters go through. We try to make it so when you leave the theater you can’t get that song and that moment out of your mind.


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