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Electro Wow Exclusive Premiere / Interview: Deen Anthony “Over You” Music Video



Electro Wow Exclusive Premiere / Interview: Deen Anthony "Over You" Music Video

Here’s the exclusive premiere of “Over You”, the latest music video from Deen Anthony. We had a chat about this catchy song, that’s bound to get listeners in a positive mood. Learn everything you can about this talented producer from New York below!

1 – In the past, you started DJing within the Rap scene. Does it feel different all these years later?

Both DJ’ing and The Rap scene have evolved tremendously since I started. The only difference for me I would say is that I’ve strayed away from the Hip-Hop scene and leaned more towards the dance music scene.

2 – Do you still think your music is a crossover of EDM with other genres such as Rock and Hip-Hop?

I think my music will always be influenced by multiple genres. Alternative Rock has had a huge impact on me. Even though I’m producing Electronic Dance Music. I always try to use as many live instruments as I can when I’m writing and producing.

3 – I’m glad to premiere the music video for your new single “Over You” on Electro Wow. How do the lyrics relate to the story shown in this clip?

I’d first just like to say that Miss N’ Scene productions and Video Director Jeanna Ross did an amazing job helping me tell my story. The song is a true story about a past relationship of mine. When we broke up and she moved from my apartment in New Jersey back to New York City with her father on 56th street. Living so close and often DJ’ing in the city while desperately trying to get over our break up, I would constantly be reminded of her everywhere I went. The NYC skyline being one of them. “All I see is you, you’re painted in the skyline.” This is also where the lines “ Far but, not far enough” & “56 streets and nowhere to run.” came from.

In the video, you’ll see the talented Nick Matarazzo and Jackie Gansky who play us. Nick tries to erase the image of her from his memory by partying away the pain but is constantly reminded of her face everywhere he goes and is determined to get Over You!

4 – Where and when was it filmed?

New Jersey & New York In October.

5 – How did you come to connect with Dylan Russell for the vocals?

Dylan and I met through a mutual friend and an amazing producer Christian Fiore. Christian is also one of the writers on Over You and one of my favorite people to work with. He had shown me some of the solo stuff he was working on with Dylan and I knew right away I wanted to do a record with him.

6 – Do you think the Dance-Pop style of “Over You” is more suitable for radio plays or nightclubs?

I think it could be suitable for both.

7 – Out of all social networks, which one do you find the best to engage with your audience?

I try to keep up with all the platforms but I would say Instagram is probably the one I connect with people on the most. I’m always posting something new on my story.

8 – Have you ever been hardly criticized about your music or live performances? If so, how did you deal with that?

Not that I know of but I’m sure there’s a Youtube or SoundCloud comment out there somewhere. I’m always looking for ways to make my music and show better.

9 – We know you have released amazing remixes for other artists. What’s your criteria for accepting a project?

I don’t have any specific criteria. I just really need to see a vision for the record it needs to hit me in the feels. A great vocal can really inspire me though.

10 – Finally, what are your goals for 2018?

My goals every year are always to write and release as much music as I can. This year though in particular. I’ll be putting more attention to making sure everyone has Deen Anthony on their Spotify & Apple Music playlists. 😉



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