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Interview: Luchi’s New Song Reveals Toxic Relationship Signs



toxic relationship signs
Toxic relationship signs weave through Luchi‘s lyrics in his new song “Web Of Lies. His emotive and intimate storytelling exposes the painful struggles many face when trust is broken due to countless lies. A revealing interview you won’t want to miss!

1 – The spider’s web is a powerful metaphor. What does it represent in the context of this new song?

Well, the whole song takes on the concept of being in a toxic relationship that has been built on lies and you feel like you are trapped like in a spider’s web. I think unfortunately a lot of us have been in that situation and sometimes it feels hard to leave because you’ve been so gaslit and confused that it’s hard to see through all the lies but eventually, you do get to the stage where you say enough is enough and get out of there. Often people like this are very narcissistic and prey on vulnerable kind people as they look at them as “easy targets” but the person I was with lied so much, even about things that they really didn’t need to lie about, I think they were compulsive with their lies and the web just got bigger and bigger. At times they couldn’t keep up with their lies and I got sick of giving them one more last chance.

2 – Is “Web Of Lies” based on personal experiences or a fictional narrative?

All of my songs come from personal experiences as I don’t really know how to write any other way. I think for a song to feel authentic and real to a listener, you have to have lived that experience to be able to draw on the emotion and connection with the subject matter. My songs are like my diary so you can often tell what’s going on by listening to what I’m writing at the time.

Luchi Web Of Lies Interview
3 – Does the reference to karma in this track reflect a personal belief?

Yes, I am a big believer in karma and what you do will come back around to you. Revenge is a game I don’t play and I let the universe take the trash out. I know that he is never going to be happy in life because he is not at peace with himself but like with all my exes, I wish them the best but as long as they stay the hell away from me while they do that haha.

4 – The lyrics are incredibly clear and each verse feels like an integral part of a narrative. How did you acquire this skill to write such deep songs?

I think it’s from when I started writing at age 13, I used songwriting as a form of therapy to express how I was feeling so I’ve always been deep and raw in my music. Also, I’ve been through a lot so that gives me a lot of experience to draw on in my songs. I always say that while it’s been hard at the time, I think a lot of what I’ve been through has made me a better writer. I’m also deeply empathetic so I can feel others’ pain and I think it lends itself to being able to write real songs.

5 – How did you collaborate with the director of the lyric video to bring your vision to life?

Well, I’ve worked with the team at for a while now and we have a great relationship. It starts with me sending them the song and then lots of ideas for what I see in my head as when I’m working on songs, I can usually see all the visuals in my head too. Then they will storyboard it up for me and we go back and forth getting that right and working out what animations to where and then they will send me drafts over and I will pick and choose which ones I like. We’ve worked together a few years now so they know me well enough to know I have a strong idea in my head and as with all the people in my creative team, we have mutual respect in a working relationship to be able to bring these visions to life and I love being able to tell the story in a more visual form.

6 – I feel this song serves as a cathartic release, what are you letting go of?

Oh, I’m always letting go of something haha. In this one, it’s about me owning that I am good enough not to be someone’s option and knowing that I am good enough. That’s a lesson I am still working on as my self-worth isn’t the best but it’s all about trusting your gut too. I had a feeling this was wrong for me and that he was lying through his teeth but the need to “fix” him or that I could change him, made me stay much longer than I should have. I think being an empath and also a lot of my past experiences, I always try and see the good in people, and unfortunately, that has been taken advantage of in the past.

Web Of Lies song written by Luchi
7 – So, besides laying down the vocals and lyrics for “Web Of Lies,” did you also work your magic to give it that fresh Pop sound?

Well, a lot of it I always credit my producer Chris Stagg with as we have worked together for a long time now and he just gets me. We have our own musical language and it’s such a special relationship we have. I will usually produce the demos for myself, then send them over to him and then he makes it sound better than I could haha. We do a lot of it online as we live in different parts of the country and then come together to record vocals and get the finishing touches done in a fully equipped studio. Again with the other aspects of my art, I am quite particular as when I’m writing a song, I can often hear the whole thing in my head and Chris is great as he will try any of my crazy ideas and really encourages me to believe in myself and my talents. I am very lucky to have him on my team and we do have the best time in the studio. For our recent recording sessions, we went to Decoy Residental Studio in Suffolk for a week and it was great. Some of the outtakes from those sessions with me swearing when I get something wrong or cracking up in the booth are hysterical.

8 – Ever thought about teaming up with DJs to give your music that club remix vibe?

On my single “You’ll Hurt More” which I released in 2023, I did two remixes, one with a great DJ duo In2Minds who I got chatting to on Instagram after hearing another one of their remixes, and then also with TC-5 which was more of a rave remix. It was so fun to hear the song in a different context and it’s definitely something I would be up for again so any DJs out there, hit me up and I’ll send you the stems, and let’s work. With things like remixes, I do let go of some of the control and allow the DJs to bring their own flavour to the song so it’s always interesting to hear someone else’s take on your track.

9 – If you were to place “Web Of Lies” on a playlist, would you prioritize grouping it with songs that match its emotional vibe or those that fit within its musical genre?

Oh, I’m not sure, for me I would want to on a playlist that it fitted with the audience listening and that it appealed to them. I love when you discover a new artist or new song and I hope that people feel the same way I do when they hear my stuff.

10 – Any sneak peeks into what Luchi’s got in store musically after “Web Of Lies”?

Well, I’ve got a lot of music lined up and ready to go so buckle in. The next single has some Disco vibes which was really fun to do and it’s very positive which is a change for me and my break-up anthems. There will be your standard sallads (sad Ballads) you’ve known to come and love from me but there is a bit more of a variety coming with some Rock influence, some more dark Pop stuff; some proper feel-good Pop tracks, it’s all very exciting so stay tuned and it’s going to be a busy year.



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